Tampa Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

What Are Tampa Residential Addiction Treatment Centers?

Substance abuse can affect people in different ways. As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment is not effective in helping a person overcome their substance abuse disorder. For this reason, Tampa residential addiction treatment centers offer treatment approaches that include residential options. Residential treatment is an approach where a person will stay at an addiction facility throughout their recovery. Residential treatment can include the following options:

  • Inpatient detoxification: When a person wants to stop using drugs, they can stay at Tampa rehabs for drug addiction, where they can receive medical support for any withdrawal symptoms the may experience.
  • Long-term residential treatment: While detoxification is usually a short program of seven or 10 days, a person can also opt for long-term residential treatment. A person can have a longer length of stay that varies from 30 days up to a year.

Sometimes a person needs the one-on-one care as well as long time for recovery that Tampa residential addiction treatment centers offer. A residential facility allows a person to establish a new routine that revolves around their health and well-being instead of focusing on drugs and drug abuse on a daily basis.

Reasons to Consider Residential Rehab

Residential rehab offers many benefits to a person who struggles with substance abuse. First, they can provide a safe place for a person to recover where they do not have to be subject to outside influences, such as dealers, friends who also abuse drugs, or family members who can create great stress in their lives. They can have a confidential, safe space where they focus solely on their recovery and the steps and habits of a sober person. Other benefits of Tampa rehabs for drug addiction include:

  • Mental health support: Those who struggle with addiction often have an underlying mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Traditionally, having a dual diagnosis made treating addiction more difficult. However, at a residential rehab facility, a person can start taking medications that could help a person receive relief from their mental illness symptoms.
  • Full-time emotional and medical support: If a person struggles with chronic health conditions or has experienced episodes of self-harm in the past, they may need more time and support to stop using drugs. At a residential treatment center, they have a full-time staff available to help them improve their health while also getting sober.
  • An individualized approach: The best rehab center has professionals that create an individualized treatment plan for a person. They take into account that while outpatient treatment helps some, inpatient options help others. They can create a plan that includes a mix of counseling, medication management, and stress-relieving pursuits, such as art therapy or restorative yoga.

When a person struggles with substance abuse, they have spent many months, years, and/or decades focused on drug use. These patterns are not easily broken – but they can be. Sometimes a person requires a longer amount of time to make the personal changes that help them stay sober not only in a rehabilitation environment but also when they return to the “real world.” After a person completes best rehab center treatment, the facility can also help them receive placement at a sober living facility or another similar treatment facility.



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