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Anyone struggling to break free from the grip of drug or alcohol addiction should consider seeking help at any of the residential treatment centers Parkland has to offer. The objective of professional rehab treatment centers is to ensure each person has the best possible opportunity to make a successful recovery and learn positive, healthy ways to regain control over their lives again.

Treatment Options

There are two primary type of addiction treatment available: inpatient and outpatient.

Inpatient rehab centers require the person to live on the premises at the residential treatment facility for the duration of treatment. While the person is living at the rehab center, they have the benefit of having around-the-clock medical supervision and monitoring, as well as regular medical check-ups to ensure the person’s health isn’t deteriorating.

Addiction specialists may administer prescription medications to help reduce the severity of any symptoms of withdrawal that may emerge. The objective is to ensure the detox process and any post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) are well-managed and the recovering person is comfortable at all times.

Each day in an inpatient rehab facility is structured to include individual counseling and behavioral therapy sessions, group support meetings, social outings and events, along with plenty of personal relaxation time. The structure is intended to instill healthy new habits for living a sober lifestyle without the need for drugs or alcohol.

By comparison, outpatient rehab facilities offer a level of freedom that can allow the recovering person to return home to independent living after treatments and therapy sessions are completed for the day. Many people prefer the idea of outpatient rehab, as they may have work or family commitments to consider.

However, while outpatient rehab centers can offer more freedom, they also allow the recovering person to return to an environment that was already strongly associated with drug or alcohol abuse. The risk of relapsing back into a pattern of self-destructive behavior is significantly increased.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Centers

While a recovering person is residing in one of the residential treatment centers Parkland has to offer, they have the benefit of focusing solely on the recovering process without distraction or temptation.  The best inpatient rehab centers also provide 24/7 medical supervision, which can be important for those people at risk of developing potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms during detox.

Depending on the type of drug being taken, some Parkland residential treatment centers may offer medically assisted detox programs. Addiction specialists may prescribe certain treatment medications that can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and make the detox process more manageable.

When the detox process is complete, structured treatment programs can commence. The benefit of attending counseling, therapy and group meetings is learning to identify the underlying reasons behind self-destructive behaviors and dysfunctional attitudes associated with addictive drug or alcohol use. Counseling also begins helping each person develop a strong relapse prevention strategy designed to help them remain clean and sober over the long term.

An important factor in any recovering person’s rehab treatments is learning to develop a strong relapse prevention strategy. Getting sober is hard enough, but staying sober requires planning and management. The best inpatient rehab centers in Parkland offer each recovering person help in creating a tailored relapse prevention plan that suits their individual needs.

If you’re searching for the best residential treatment centers in Parkland, consider how the professional team at White Sands Treatment Center in Fort Myers can help. Reaching out and asking for help could be the first step on the path to recovering from addiction.

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