Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

When a person suffers from an addiction to alcohol, simple willpower will not help them quit. Not only must they navigate the sometimes-deadly withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, they must learn entirely new patterns of behavior that have been outside of their daily habits for months, years, or even decades. As a way to provide professional help to those struggling with alcohol addiction, high-quality Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab is available.

Inpatient alcohol rehab is a complement to services like residential drug treatment Tampa, where a person seeks rehabilitation services to an addiction to one or sometimes multiple substances. At these programs, a person will stay at an addiction treatment center. Sometimes a person will choose to utilize just addiction detoxification services while others will continue past detoxification and participate in additional treatment programs, including counseling and 12-step programs.

Thanks to WhiteSands Treatment, searching for a “Tampa alcohol rehab near me can be as easy a process as possible. WhiteSands Treatment offers high-quality addiction treatment and compassionate support needed for a successful drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Detoxification Services

One of the most important services Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab facilities provide is detoxification. Alcohol addiction causes changes in the brain and body that can cause severe withdrawal effects. These include tremors, nausea, anxiety, strong cravings for alcohol, and difficulty sleeping. At its most severe, alcohol withdrawal can cause a syndrome known as the delirium tremens.

This syndrome causes a person to experience symptoms that include hallucinations, high fever, rapid heart rate, and seizures. These symptoms can be deadly and require immediate medical treatment. While there are some risk factors that could indicate a person may go through the delirium tremens or DTs, it can be difficult to predict that a person addicted to alcohol will definitely go through DTs. As a result, it is important all people ready to quit drinking alcohol for good go to a Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab program.

According to the journal “Alcohol Health & Research World,” inpatient alcohol detoxification programs usually last about nine days for a person ready to quit alcohol. During this time, a person may take medications known to reduce the likelihood that seizures will occur, such as benzodiazepines and anticonvulsants. Other medications may restore missing nutrients, especially vitamin B, and reduce nausea that can often occur as a person withdraws from alcohol.

Additional Support Services for Alcohol Rehab

Detoxification is an important part, but not the only part, of a rehabilitation facility’s offerings. Other alcohol rehabilitation services include education on the dangers of alcohol use, counseling, attending 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, medical consultations, and stress-relieving activities, such as yoga or art therapy.

The benefits of alcohol rehab and other programs for residential drug treatment in Tampa is that these programs allow a person to completely separate from their life of drug and alcohol abuse. They do not have to face the everyday temptations at home of knowing where they have stashed extra liquor bottles or being near to the convenience store they buy a case of beer from every day.

Instead, they can recover in a safe place with medical help 24 hours a day, focused solely on their sobriety. While detoxification symptoms do not last for forever, there are lingering cravings and stressors that occur in the immediate weeks after getting sober. A high-quality Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab can also help a person learn how to rebuild their lives and navigate these and other new challenges that cross their path.



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