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When searching, Tampa prescription medication rehab near me, know that WhiteSands Treatment can help you regain control of your life.

Addiction is a disease. Regardless of naysayers, addiction IS a disease that is treatable, however, not curable. It is a disease that requires maintenance. Addiction does not discriminate. Anyone is susceptible to addiction. One hit, one sip, one try is all it takes for someone to become addicted. It does not matter how wealthy or poor you are. Rich celebrities become addicts, too. If you have underlying mental disorders that you’re unaware of, it’s likely you may react differently to drugs and alcohol. If you knowingly have a disorder that requires medication that states not to drink alcohol while using the medication and begin to drink in spite of this, you are putting yourself in danger by mixing drugs. Many people search for “Tampa prescription medication rehab near me,” and come up short. Luckily, WhiteSands Treatment can help anyone with an addiction.

What is Addiction?

People who begin drug use or anything that may become addictive, begin to use to a point where they are no longer able to control how much or how often they use. Even if the user has a plan to use only a certain amount and not become an “addict”, they cannot determine whether or not they will become addicted. The urge to use the substance of choice will overcome all rationality. Regardless of the consequences associated with use, a person will continue to use.

It is never a person’s intention to become an addict. No one wishes this upon themselves or plans it. A person will begin to love the way the substance makes them feel. They will begin to only think of how they can get their next high. They, at first, do truly believe they can control their use and soon realize they cannot. Drugs change the brain chemistry and everything becomes beyond a person’s control.

An addict will soon need to use the drug to feel normal. Without it, they will begin to feel symptoms of withdrawal. It is not too long before the substance takes a hold of the person’s entire life and being. At a certain point, the person will realize something is wrong and secretly start searches, such as, “drug rehab Tampa”, or “places to help with addiction”. This is normal and sometimes leads to an addict finally reaching out for help.

All addictions are equally painful to all involved– the addict and everyone who knows and cares about them. Again, addiction is a disease. Just like Asthma or Cancer, the disease of addiction can go into remission. There is hope.

Prescriptions Medication Addiction

Any person prescribed medication from a doctor intended for daily use should know not to mix drugs or drink while taking medication that advises against it. One drink for a person taking meds is the equivalent of a person not on medication having a single drink. A person with anxiety will not feel anything from taking their daily maintenance medication like Clonazepam.

If a person who does not need Clonazepam and isn’t prescribed the medication takes it, they will get high from the same pill. Now, when a person on those maintenance and daily meds begins to drink or dabble with other drugs while taking their meds, they will begin to feel effects on a heightened note because their prescribed meds interact with alcohol and drug use. These combinations can be addicting and deadly.

Prescription medication mixed with alcohol can cause the user to go through memory loss and blackouts much quicker than someone who is not on medication. The dangers associated with this deadly combo are too many to name. If you notice a loved one dabbling, don’t be silent. Say something.

If someone comes to a point where they begin to search “Tampa prescription medication rehab near me”, they should know they have a problem. Addicts are sometimes aware of their addiction but are not ready to stop, so they say nothing. The dependence becomes too strong. The fear of withdrawal will also keep an addict using. Addicts enjoy the feeling of the mixture of prescriptions meds and other drugs or alcohol more than anything else in their life. This is the feeling that will allow an addict to put themselves in risky situations.

Realizing Addiction is Present and Treatment is Needed

When a person on prescription medication begins to realize they have a problem and are using their prescribed medications other than as intended, they will begin contemplating the idea that they may be addicted. It is more difficult for an addict to reach out to a family member or loved one than it is to begin searching for help on their own, or just keep using.

Out of shame and embarrassment, addicts will opt for an internet search for “Tampa prescription medication rehab near me.” Fortunately, there is help for anyone battling addiction. WhiteSands Treatment can provide the answer to that search for “Tampa prescription medication rehab near me”.

Get Help for Addiction

You are not a bad person if you are addicted. You are not morally lacking. You have a disease. A disease of which you can ask for help and get help through a detox program at WhiteSandsTreatment. Don’t be ashamed. Many people are like you.

WhiteSands Treatment wants to help you get your life back. With dedicated addiction specialists, you can rest assured you’ll be monitored and cared for through your recovery journey. Don’t wait another minute. Get help now– your life is worth it. Call (877) 855-3470 to get started.




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