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When you need to fight a condition as challenging as an addiction, you’d usually want to hit it with everything you had. In the world of addiction treatment, inpatient rehab would fit that bill — it offers the most intensive treatment possible. Yet, when you look for treatment, outpatient drug rehabs Tampa and elsewhere, do turn up. You probably ask yourself if these rehab centers in Tampa are any good. Certainly, the fact that these programs are cheaper is an attractive feature. Should you choose to go with outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehabs were created for a specific need

The concept of outpatient rehab care is aimed at people who suffer mild addictions. When you sign up for such a program, you visit the rehab center once a day, complete treatment, and return home, back to your life. Since these treatment programs provide you with treatment alone, and not board and lodging, they tend to be affordable.

The best outpatient addiction treatment programs give their patients the choice to accept programs of different levels of intensity, depending on the depth of their addiction. Those with mild addictions may accept no more than 15 or 20 hours of treatment a week, and those with deeper addictions may be recommended four times as much treatment. Treatment can run anything from a month to six months or even longer.

The intensity of a treatment program recommended and the length for which treatment runs depend on a number of factors — how well-established an addiction is, and the amount of drugs taken among them.

What goes on in an outpatient rehab program?

Treatment begins with individual patient assessment. Each patient is assessed for the specific nature of their addiction. Assessments also gauge the patient’s physical health, psychological and psychiatric health. A panel of experts in each one of these areas works together with the information gathered to build an addiction program for the patient, specific to their needs

Treatment begins with detox. The aim of treatment is to ensure that the patient doesn’t suffer withdrawal symptoms serious enough to cause pain or harm, and that patients do not experience difficult cravings. A number of medications are used to suppress these undesirable symptoms. Not all detox programs are the same. Those in fragile health, for instance, may receive lighter doses of medication.

When the withdrawal symptoms of detox begin to fade away, psychiatric and therapeutic treatments take the place of the medical programs performed to that point. Patients attend individual, group, family and other forms of intensive therapy hours each day.

The aim of therapy is both to ensure that the patient has the skills needed to deal with the cravings that may come up unexpectedly after detox, and to also ensure that the patient possesses psychological health. Poor psychological health in the areas of self-control, anger management, and impulse management tend to affect those who suffer from addiction, and these therapeutic programs can be of immense help.

Is outpatient care effective?

Outpatient care can be highly effective, but only when applied to the kinds of addiction that it is intended for:

  • Mild, short-lived addictions to single (as opposed to multiple) drugs.
  • Where the patient is highly motivated about getting better (and not ambivalent).
  • Where there is excellent family support at home to help ensure the patient doesn’t lose heart or cheat.
  • Where it’s the patient’s first attempt at rehab (as opposed to treatment after a relapse).
  • Where there are no psychiatric disorders in evidence.

Outpatient rehab can be convenient for addictions that are a good match. Since the patient isn’t required to check into a facility for weeks or months, there’s little life disruption. Those with job responsibilities or a family to take care of can find outpatient care their only viable alternative.

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