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The idea of addiction tends to be hard for most people to grasp. A poor understanding, however, often gets in the way of an ability to seek quality treatment. Reading up and gaining a medically valid understanding on addiction, while it should be the first step that anyone takes in fighting this condition, is often the last. A quick introduction to the subject can help. If you are in Sunny Isles Beach help with drug addiction can follow. Once you’re done reading, an informed search for a qualified rehab can follow. If you would like you could also reach a friendly and knowledgeable professional at White Sands Treatment at 877.55.3470.

Always look for signs of science-backed treatment

Rehab programs receive little government supervision. For this reason, these centers are often able to push treatments that have little basis in actual science.

Twelve-step programs based on religious principles are an example. There is no research to show that expressing faith in God, the core tenet of the 12-step program, helps in a reliable way. Yet, these programs tend to be commonly available. While this form of treatment may work for some, others need more scientifically-proven methods of recovery to obtain sobriety.

It’s important to carefully study the treatments available at a rehab, and to research those treatments. At White Sands Treatment near Sunny Isles Beach help with drug addiction information is easily available to anyone in need of it. Seeking expert opinion is a good way to dispel any doubts you may have about the scientific validity of treatments on offer.

What does rehab treatment look like?

Evidence-based rehab treatment, treatment that is scientifically valid, includes the following approaches.

Individual assessment: Just as medical treatment for any condition must require individual investigation by attending physicians before a treatment plan can be put together, addiction treatment requires investigation too. Each patient should be individually assessed not only at the beginning of a detox program, but through the course, as well. It’s the only way to develop a treatment plan that adequately addresses the individual needs of each patient’s addiction.

Psychiatric care: Detox can last anywhere from weeks to months; the deeper the addiction in an individual patient, the longer it takes to treat. Once treatment concludes, however, the patient is still not out of the woods. Psychiatric treatment is an important part of a complete addiction treatment plan. It is intended to address psychiatric disorders that are often a part of addictive conditions.

Inpatient detox: The process of detoxification applies medical treatment to the withdrawal process, with the aim of calming the chemical tumult that the brain experiences when withdrawing. Inpatient rehab is necessary in most cases where patients experience impediments. Since most addictions, in fact are complicated by the presence of psychiatric conditions, a fragile physical state or fragile psychological conditions, standard outpatient treatment tends to be inadequate. The intensive monitoring of inpatient care tends to be essential. Looking on Sunny Isles Beach help with alcohol abuse that is effective isn’t hard to come by; you only need to look  intensive inpatient care.

Treatment: The length of time for which an addiction treatment program should run, tends to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Nevertheless, a 90-day treatment period is considered necessary in many cases. Rehabs that promote short-term courses run the risk of discharging patients before they are ready.

Rehab: While the term rehab is informally applied to all addiction treatment, the word has a more specific technical meaning: it applies to the psychological treatment that comes after detox. Psychological treatment is essential as a way to offer patients help with the vast number of complications with addictions. It takes painstaking work to psychologically rehabilitate a person addicted, and it may take months or even years. A center that treats the rehab part of the care program lightly likely shortchanges the patient.

Ensuring quality and effective treatment

A study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has found that many addiction centers attempts to cut corners by employing counselors and other treatment professionals with little training. In most states, the law doesn’t require rehab therapists and other professionals to possess college degrees. In many centers, rehab, rather than working with intensive one-on-one therapy by therapists, involves having patients watch recorded videos of therapy sessions. In many cases, inadequate rehabs lead to unwanted relapse.

Addiction rehab may be the best way to address a substance abuse disorder and it can work very well, but only if performed correctly. If you are a resident of Sunny Isles Beach help with drug abuse is easy to come by. Talking to an expert at White Sands Treatment at 877.55.3470 can do a lot do to ensure that the treatments that you receive do hew closely to modern scientific understanding of addiction.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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