Identifying and Understanding Addiction to Pain Pills

Addiction to pain pills has become one of the most prevalent forms of drug addiction in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, not only is painkiller addiction becoming an increasingly devastating epidemic in America, but the number of overdose deaths associated with the addiction to pain pills is substantially high. Painkiller addiction is a highly complex condition that must be viewed in the light of the fact that it is an illness and not a behavioral problem. Most prescription medications are various forms of opioid derivatives that generally produce the same or similar side effects and carry the high proclivity to becoming chemically dependent on the drug.

What is astounding is that the misuse of prescription pain pills accounts for more than 75 percent of the total problem associated with prescription drug abuse. The euphoria experienced by using opioid-based painkillers is one of the leading catalysts in the abuse of these types of drugs. At Whites Sands Treatment, we understand the complex dynamic at play as it pertains to addiction to pain pills. We have established a reputation for providing the highest quality of care possible, helping our clients get on the right track to recovery.

Addiction to Pain Pills and Residential Treatment Centers

There are many facts surrounding painkiller addiction that are not widely known or understood but play an immense role in creating the proper environment to promote healing and recovery for someone suffering from an addiction to pain pills. Because prescription painkiller addiction is actually an addiction to the opioids in the medication, it will require a residential treatment approach to confront the addiction and increase the chance of recovery. Opioid addiction is among the most relentless of addictions, and the withdrawals symptoms are known to be immensely painful and uncomfortable, making access to a medical detoxification process of tremendous value.

One common cause of failure as it pertains to attempting to detox from prescription pain medication is that the discomfort and pain will often cause the individual to use the drug to relieve the pain. In a residential treatment center like White Sands Treatment, someone suffering from an addiction to pain pills will have access to a detox process that will mitigate the pain and discomfort. Additionally, the structured environment will also eliminate access to the drug of choice, protecting the client from the risk of relapse during the initial stage of recovery.

Residential treatment centers are vital to creating the best opportunity for recovery for someone who is struggling with an addiction to pain pills. Understanding the facts about pain pill addiction is the first step in ensuring that you or a loved one struggling to free yourselves from an addiction to pain pills will experience a complete recovery.

White Sands Treatment Approach to Treating Addiction to Pain Pills

White Sands Treatment goes to great lengths to ensure that we create an environment that is conducive to our clients being able to start the healing process and is well on their way to achieving a complete recovery. We understand that any addiction is a complex condition that requires professional expertise and experience to increase the chance of success in breaking free of the addiction, and we provide our clients with the support and resources that will help them develop the coping mechanisms and confidence that will be integral to their long-term success in recovery.

We also understand that each person will have unique challenges that demand a unique approach, which is why we design highly personalized programs that will address the specific nuances of your addiction.


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