Common Cocaine Addiction Warning Signs

Cocaine is a highly addictive substance that causes a variety of problems throughout all members of society.  It affects our health care system, schools, workplaces and families, and it knows no economic, social or geographic boundaries.  Being chemically dependent on cocaine is a multi-pronged disorder that involves psychologic, biologic and psychiatric effects, causing major effects to daily life.  If you need help for cocaine addiction treatment, contact the professional staff at White Sands Treatment Center today at (877) 855-3470.

Understanding cocaine addiction warning signs is critical because it’s an extremely risky drug.  Keep in mind that just because an individual has some of these symptoms, does not mean that he or she is using drugs.  However, it is important to be on the lookout so you can learn to spot the 9 signs of cocaine addiction.

Personality Changes

When a user goes through withdrawal, there can be a variety of noticeable symptoms, including behavioral changes.  These personality changes manifest themselves in people becoming agitated and easily angered.

Weight Loss

Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system and suppresses the appetite.  Another one of the hallmark signs of cocaine addiction is dramatic, unexplained weight loss.  An individual can lose up to fifty pounds within a period of months with excessive cocaine use and being up all night.


Physical cocaine addiction warning signs can help determine how to spot a coke addict.   Cocaine users exhibit obvious physical symptoms including shaking, muscle twitches and ticks.  These can start off subtly, but can evolve to full body tremors, shaking and chills.

Heart Attack and Seizures

Other serious cocaine addiction warning signs can be life threatening.  An overdose of cocaine can result in very serious consequences, including:

  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Respiratory Arrest
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Sudden Death

When cocaine is combined with other dangerous drugs or alcohol, it can also have a lethal effect.   Spotting early signs of cocaine addiction can help people receive the treatment they need to avoid serious heart damage and death.


Although abusing this drug produces a wide spectrum of psychotic symptoms, paranoia occurs in 68% to 84% of individuals who use cocaine.  Unlike some other drugs, cocaine can have a long lasting effect on the user.  Some individuals have symptoms of paranoia that last for a period of years after an individual has stopped abusing cocaine.


Cocaine addicts exhibit violent behavior in 55% of cases, and violent crimes are committed by 46% of users, frequently in an attempt to obtain crack.  Violent behavior in itself is dangerous, but when combined with other symptoms like paranoia, can be deadly.  Learning how to spot a coke addict can get the individual early treatment and save lives.


Cocaine users can also undergo nervous system instability, which can severely drop blood pressure, cause sweating and confusion. These symptoms are brought on by changes in serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels.  The resulting delirium can lead to severe bizarre and violent behavior.


People who experience delirium often also report hallucinations, including visual and auditory illusions.  When combined with aggressive and violent behavior, hallucinations can have major impacts, leading to an individual obsessing over thoughts that aren’t real.

Suicidal and Homicidal Thinking

Because cocaine withdrawal also causes major depression, cocaine users commonly experience suicidal and homicidal thinking. Recognizing the cocaine addiction warning signs early can help save lives.

Fortunately, there are many different types of treatment options for individuals addicted to cocaine.  Rehabilitation programs such as White Sands can include individualized treatment.  A successful plan can include treatment of psychiatric disorders with non-addictive medication, which can help treat conditions like depression and anxiety.  Regardless of the specific cocaine addiction treatment, the most important thing is getting individuals the help they need by learning how to spot a coke addict and recognizing cocaine addiction warning signs.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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is a proud alumni member of WhiteSands Treatment. After living a life of chaos, destruction and constant let downs, Mark was able to make a complete turnaround that sparked a new way of life. He is serious about his recovery along with helping others. At WhiteSands Treatment, we offer support to you in your homes or when you are out living in your daily lives.