Finding the Right Words of Encouragement for Someone in Drug Rehab

Battling a drug addiction is a substantial challenge, even for the strongest willed individual, and having the right support system will go a long way in achieving a complete recovery. Choosing the right words of encouragement for someone in drug rehab is an essential part of the supportive process that keeps their spirits lifted and their hopes high. While there may be a natural proclivity to be judgmental or critical, this is not the time for it. Whether they openly admit it or not, your loved one knows they have found themselves in an undesirable place, and they don’t need to be reminded of it. What they need are words of encouragement for sobriety that inspire them to continue the hard work associated with recovery.

In determining what to say to someone in drug rehab, the general focus should be on encouraging them to continue to follow the recovery plan and to look forward to the reality that their hard work will produce.

Why Choosing the Right Words of Encouragement for Someone in Drug Rehab is So Important

There are so many gurus that are preaching the theme of willpower that it can be easy to believe that willpower is the answer to every behavioral situation. The truth is that addiction is not a behavioral problem, it is an illness that requires professional attention. Even if it was a behavior-related condition, willpower has its limitations. The person who is attempting to fight their way back from the depths of addiction is literally attempting to rise from their own personal hell, and what they need is someone who understands what to say to someone in drug rehab, not a person who will remind them of the hell they are in and how they got there.

Words of encouragement for sobriety are filled with hope, inspiration, and encouragement. During the toughest moments of recovery, a simple word that reminds the individual that their hard work and perseverance will pay off will go a long way. It is not necessarily the volume of what is said but the genuineness that will matter most. Words that are disingenuine can be as damaging as words that are harsh. Be positive, but be honest.

There is a great deal of validity associated with the concept that words have power. When you speak to a person in a negative manner, it can make them begin to doubt themselves, causing irreparable harm to their psyche. Conversely, words that are spoken from a place of kindness and encouragement can fuel the passion and courage of the individual, providing the impetus that is needed to push them toward their goal of a complete recovery.

What Are the Right Words of Encouragement for Someone in Drug Rehab?

There is no word-by-word playbook that outlines what to say to someone in drug rehab; however, there are some simple guidelines that you should follow.

  • Consider their emotional state when forming your words. Ask yourself if what you are about to say will be encouraging or come across as being judgmental. Finally, determine within yourself if what you are about to say would be encouraging to you under similar circumstances.
  • Remind them their recovery is the most important thing to them at the current moment, and that they should not become consumed with worry about things outside of their recovery at the current time. It is easy to worry about things that are going on back home, but there is nothing that they can do about it until they have recovered from their addiction.
  • Let them know that they are not required to mortgage their future to pay for their past. Some people spend an exorbitant amount of energy attempting to fix past mistakes, completely neglecting the work they need to put in to create a better future.

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