First App for Treating Addiction Approved by the FDA

The FDA Has Just Approved the First App for Treating Addiction. What is it All About?

Many apps have attempted to offer patients psychological therapy in the past. As with self-help books offering aid in psychotherapy, the drug addiction app market has attempted to help recovering addicts deal with the psychological segment of their rehab treatment. These addiction recovery apps have been of limited benefit, however. The problem with the approach adopted by these addiction apps has been a preference for the self-help path. If a patient wasn’t very motivated, it meant they couldn’t get very far. The other problem has come from their limited abilities in adaptation. They have been rigidly set in their approach, rather than flexible. In the field of psychotherapy, however, adaptation is everything. Patients tend to come in with complex mental disorders and needs. All of this is changing today, however, with the launch of the first-ever app for treating addiction to come with approval by the FDA.

The Reset app

Designed and launched by e-health major Pear Technologies, the Reset app is aimed at a limited set of substance abuse disorders: problems involving marijuana, stimulants, cocaine, and alcohol. Notably, it isn’t yet approved in the treatment of addictions involving opiate painkillers.

Clinical trials have been run, and the Reset app has been shown to help 40% of patients abstain over a period of three months. Not only is the 40% figure a very good one, it presents a large improvement over the 17% abstinence figure quoted for standard outpatient therapeutic treatments.

How does the Reset app actually work?

While it might be natural to expect that an app-based therapeutic care program would be self-contained, that is not how Reset works. While it does provide some self-contained care, much of the therapy offered comes in the form of interaction with a rehab therapist. The Reset app is actually available on prescription. It is impossible to simply go download it and install it on your phone on your own.

Why is the Reset app as effective as it is?

The app-based approach comes with a huge benefit over regular outpatient therapy: namely, availability. While the Reset app for treating addiction gives patients access to their therapists some of the time (thus ensuring good oversight,) it gives them access to exercises and other therapeutic tools all the time. Constant availability in the form of an interactive tool can be tremendously powerful. It is able to keep the mind focused on improvement.

How does therapy help, really?

Therapy helps because essentially, addiction is a mental disorder that comes with no actual cure — it can only be managed. Management comes in the form of a number of psychological and behavioral skills that must be learned. People addicted tend to have severe problems in many areas.

As an example, many tend to have trouble with an overly active guilt complex. They tend to blame themselves constantly, leading to terrible mental burdens. Such people may see drug use as the only way to escape the pain that they experience. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, patients learn various ways to analyze their thoughts and change the way their minds work.

Addiction trigger management is another important area where therapy is of use. In trigger management therapy, patients learn to identify various life areas that are likely to trigger their cravings and find ways to avoid such triggers altogether. A well-designed app for treating addiction can be of great help here, acting as a recovering addict’s knowledgeable therapist, on hand at all times.

Talk to your therapist

If the Reset drug addiction app sounds interesting, you should remember that it is only available on prescription. A talk with your therapist can help you obtain one. All you need do is to find a great professional to talk to. Call WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470 to speak to an expert.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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