Are my parents alcoholics, and what can I do?

Emergency responders receive thousands of calls each year from children of parents who drink too much. These children call because they are alarmed at the frightening behavior that they see. If you find yourself having to deal with parents who drink too much whiskey, beer, or any other kind of alcohol, and appear drunk, you probably have lots of questions about everything that you see. You’ve probably also heard of the term alcoholic. “Are my parents alcoholics?” is probably a question that you’re asking yourself.

What is an alcoholic?

Unlike other drinks, alcohol affects the way the mind works, and some people like the way it feels. What’s important to understand, however, is that while it feels good right then, it’s bad for the health if one drinks a lot. It can make people lose control of the way they act.

When people drink alcohol too much for the enjoyment that it gives them, it sometimes turns them into an alcoholic. An alcoholic is someone who has used alcohol so much, it has changed the way their mind works. These people are unable to stop drinking alcoholic drinks even once they see that alcohol is bad for them and for their families. It isn’t exactly their fault; their minds have been changed by alcohol, and they can no longer think correctly.

It can be difficult to explain what it feels like to be an alcoholic. You might think of it this way — if you had a square of your favorite chocolate in your mouth, but you were told that you couldn’t chew or swallow, it would be very difficult, indeed. You would be able to think of nothing else other than biting down on the chocolate. Alcoholism feels like this, only much more powerful.

The answer to the question

“Are my parents alcoholics?” you’ve been asking yourself. The answer can be hard to know. It can help to watch the way your parents act.

A person is usually an alcoholic if they act in some of these ways:

  • They often seem to act like they are drunk — speech slurred, walking unsteadily, or sleeping as if they are unconscious.
  • They often complain of a headache first thing in the morning because they are hung over — they feel the effects of too much alcohol.
  • They seem to miss work often because they are drunk, or they appear to drive when they’re drunk.
  • Their life seems out of control and not normal.

People who are alcoholics do many other things — they may be angry at things that seem to not matter, or happy in odd ways. They may throw up often, be strangely messy, may always worry about money and seem to frequently tell untruths.

Is there something you can do about it?

You need a plan on how to deal with an alcoholic parent in denial. It can be hard because alcoholism makes it hard for them to admit that they have a problem. It’s important to understand that alcoholism isn’t something that they want — it’s a mental illness that they can’t control on their own. It isn’t anyone’s fault.

Ending an alcoholic habit is not easy. It needs treatment by doctors and therapists. You may also be able to speak directly to an addiction counselor. All you need to do is to call WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Right away, you’ll get in touch with an expert who can help you understand what you can do next.

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