6 Things You Should Be Aware of When Searching for St Pete Drug Treatment Centers

6 Things to Know When Searching for St Pete Drug Treatment Centers

Addiction is a treatable mental disorder, but many people don’t know what to look for in a rehab. How does a person know if the treatment programs are going to work for them? At a reputable St Pete drug treatment center, you would expect them to adhere to all of the proven best practices for addiction treatment. These principals of an effective treatment will ensure that a program can achieve success in helping people overcome addiction.

In 2009 alone, SAMSHA’s survey revealed that in America, around 23.5 million people had a form of substance use disorder. A mere 11.2 percent or 2.6 million of these people went to a specialized rehab facility, showing the need for rehab programs.

In this article, we will explore the principals that drug rehab centers in St Petersburg FL should have with regards to treatment.

Treatment Should Be Varied

Due to the many factors that each person with an addiction has, the treatment should vary depending on what exactly they need. Where one treatment may work well for one person, it does not mean that it works well for everyone. Matching the treatment, services, and interventions to the individual’s particular needs is what will bring success.

Adequate Treatment Length

Since addiction is a chronic relapsing disease, the duration of the treatment must be long enough to be effective. Various studies suggest that the optimal time is at least three months. The longer the treatment goes on for, the more likely long-term success will be achieved. The St Pete drug treatment programs you may be considering should meet this requirement.


At the effective drug rehab centers in St Petersburg FL, medications are often used to assist the recovery process. When medication is combined with other behavioral therapies, the best results are often obtained in opioid and alcohol addiction cases among others. With the use of medications such as disulfiram, naltrexone, and methadone, the risk of relapse can be greatly reduced, leading to more consistent long-term recovery.

Changing Treatment Plans

Initially, a person entering into a St Pete drug treatment program is assessed. This is done in order to establish the best way to treat the patient at the time. However, as the process of recovery unfolds, the treatment plan needs to be adjusted to be able to better fit their needs at the time. Services, therapies, alternative treatments and medications should be altered throughout the course of a patient’s recovery.

Post-Detox Treatment

At detox centers in St Petersburg FL, a patient should be made aware that detox is not a cure for addiction but rather a first step. After the detoxification process is completed safely, the patient should be encouraged to further their recovery through treatment programs such as behavioral therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatment methods. When there is a lack of further treatment after a detoxification program at the detox centers in St Petersburg FL, relapse is highly likely.

Continuous Monitoring For Drug Use

At a St Pete drug treatment center, patients should be monitored for any drug or alcohol use. Since relapse is a possibility, finding out when a relapse has occurred is important in order to adjust the person’s treatment plan. By the person knowing that they are being monitored, it is often enough to stop further relapse.




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