5 Things to Know in Your Search for the Alcohol Treatment Centers Tampa Offers

5 Things to Know in Your Search for Addiction Treatment – Alcohol Treatment Centers Tampa FL

One of the hardest steps to take towards recovery is admitted that you have an addiction. According to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey, very few people get the treatment that they sorely need for an addiction to drugs and alcohol. In 2009, only 11.2 percent of the 23.5 million people that had an addiction went to a drug and alcohol rehab center for treatment. Once you have come to the conclusion that professional help is required, you can begin your search for one of the alcohol treatment centers Tampa has.

Before you make a decision on the alcohol addiction treatment Tampa has, the following treatment principals should be looked at to help you make a more informed decision.

Tailor-Made Treatment Plans

In order for the alcohol addiction treatment Tampa has to be successful, a treatment plan must be adjusted to a particular person’s recovery needs. A treatment plan that works well for a man suffering from alcoholism and PTSD may not be as successful in a woman with an opioid addiction. A patient requires assessment before treatment at the alcohol rehab Tampa FL offers can begin so that their unique recovery needs can be met.

Family Involvement in Recovery

Drug abuse can cause altercations between family members and spouses due to the behavior and actions of the addict. Family involvement during an addict’s recovery process at the alcohol treatment centers Tampa offers can assist in the recovery of the patient as well as helping to strengthen bonds in the family. A family support system can be an essential part of long-term sobriety for many individuals.

Monitoring for Relapse

During an inpatient or outpatient treatment program at the alcohol rehab Tampa FL has, there is a risk of relapse since the patient often experiences severe cravings. During this time, a patient needs to be monitored to ensure that no further drug or alcohol use takes place. If a relapse does occur, the treatment plan must then be adjusted accordingly. Discovering relapse early can help to get a patient back on track with their recovery process.

Medically Assisted Detox and the Use of Medications for Long-Term Recovery

It can be difficult to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that are experienced by recovering addicts during detox at the alcohol treatment centers Tampa has. In a medical detox, the patient is given various medications to lessen and counteract the symptoms of withdrawal. Addiction treatment medications such as naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfiram, and Antabuse are effective ways of treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms and as a long-term treatment method for alcoholism.

Antabuse can hinder the short-term effects that alcohol normally gives a person, making relapse unlikely. The alcohol treatment centers Tampa provides that is able to supply a patient with these drugs is preferred.

Addiction is a Relapsing Mental Illness

Like many mental illnesses, addiction is treatable but it has no definite cure. Recovery from addiction often means a life-long management of the disease for the recovering person. A rehab center should provide ample relapse prevention strategies to help the person cope with the possible relapse triggers and stresses that they will face once they leave rehab.

Furthermore, sober living environments, 12-step programs, and other aftercare services should be made available to the patient once they are finished with their intensive treatment.



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