Florida Top Drug Rehab Centers – What to Look for in a Treatment Program

As a result of the drug seeking behavior that is present in addiction cases, very few addicts initiate their recovery at a rehab center. Data collected by SAMSHA showed that out of the 23.5 million people in America that had an addiction, only 2.6 million of them went to a rehabilitation facility to overcome their substance abuse. Whether through an intervention or through the addict’s own realization that their addiction is destroying their life, professional assistance to beat an addiction is the best way to recover. At the Florida top drug rehab centers, treatment programs that follow the best known methods of treating addiction are available.

What makes a treatment center one of the best drug rehabs in Florida? In this article, we will explore the aspects of research-based treatment that should be present in all of the best drug treatment programs.

Relapse Prevention

Based on reports by JAMA, the relapse rates for recovering addicts is between 40 and 60 percent. Therefore, a crucial aspect of addiction treatment relapse prevention. Addiction is seen as a complex, relapsing disease that can open a person up to relapse even after years of abstinence. Various strategies to deal with the emotional and mental stages of relapse must be established to help the patient once they leave rehab.

Furthermore, the best drug rehabs in Florida provide easily accessible programs to help a person though long-term recovery, such as the 12-step program group meetings or just being able to speak to a drug counselor when needed.

Adaptive Treatment

In order to achieve greater results among more types of people suffering from addiction, treatment at the Florida top drug rehab centers must be adaptive and tailor-made for each person. For example, a woman who has an opioid abuse problem stemming from a post-traumatic stress disorder requires a different approach to treatment that a man who is an alcoholic.

Furthermore, the treatment programs that are initially employed must be able to change to the needs of the patient as they go through the different stages of recovery. This includes the adaption of the treatment if there has been relapse.

Medications Combined with Behavioral Therapies

Certain medications have been successful at treating various addictions such as opioid and alcohol abuse cases. In an opioid addiction, buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone are frequently successfully used alongside therapy to effective treat a person for opioid dependence. Some of the medications can be used for years, which is especially effective at helping a person who has relapsed before.

While the medications by themselves can achieve results, at the Florida top drug rehab centers, therapy combined with medications is seen as the one of the best ways to help a recovering addict. Medications can also be used during detoxification to make the process safer and easier to cope with – known as a medical detox.

Co-Occurring Mental Disorders

One of the important aspects of addiction treatment at inpatient rehab facilities in Florida is co-occurring mental disorders. A person who has a mental disorder such as bi-polar, PTSD, or eating disorder is much more likely to become a drug addict. It is therefore important that the inpatient rehab facilities in Florida be able to treat not only the addictive behaviors but also what likely led them to their abuse in the first place: the self-medication of their mental disorder through the use of drugs or alcohol.

At the Florida top drug rehab centers, all of these above-mentioned aspects should be present in order to give the recovering addict the best chance at a safe and long-lasting recovery from addiction.




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