Drug Addiction Programs: What Are My Options?

In a normal disease, people wouldn’t be hesitant to treatment because they can weigh the negatives with the many positives. In the disease of addiction, that isn’t always the case. The drug-seeking behavior often causes a person to avoid help until they reach the rock-bottom where the only way forward is by seeking help. In 2009, as few as 11.2 percent of the American population that had an addiction found help through specialized drug addiction programs, leaving many in need of rehab.  

For those who have come to the conclusion that drug addiction recovery programs are the best way to beat an addiction, what are the available options in treatment? In this article, we will explore the various Fort Myers drug abuse treatment options.

Medical Detox

The first step in many addicts’ recovery journeys is a medical detox. Since many addictive substances also cause severe withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous to a person’s health, a medical detox is the best way to safely overcome the initial withdrawal symptoms. Medications are used depending on the type of drug to help ease the person through the process, to reduce the length of the detox and to counter some of the symptoms entirely.

A detoxification is not a cure for addiction by itself – behavioral therapy and alternative treatment options need to be used to ensure that best chance of a long-lasting recovery. Following a medical detox, patients are advised to join drug addiction programs such as inpatient or outpatient treatments.

Inpatient Programs

One of the most successful ways to treat an addiction to drugs or alcohol is through one of the inpatient drug addiction programs. In this program, a patient will be removed from the negative influences in their life by staying at the facility. This provides several benefits including around-the-clock care, a structured day filled with activities and therapy geared towards recovery, and limited access to drugs and alcohol on the premises helping to prevent relapse.

Inpatient drug addiction recovery programs are ideal for people who suffer from severe addictions and people who have relapsed after going through outpatient programs. It is also suited for people who do not have a safe place to recover in.

Outpatient Programs

For addicts that have to attend to important aspects of their life such as schooling or work while they receive professional treatment, an outpatient program is ideal. Drug addiction programs such as this require that the addict come into the rehab center several times a week to participate in therapy and alternative treatment methods.

Outpatient programs are ideal for addicts that are not suffering from a severe addiction and need to remain autonomous. The level of treatment is not as intensive as inpatient programs and the risk of relapse is increased due to many of the same influences being present in the person’s life, such as drug-abusing friends.

Sober Living Environments

Sober living environments are another one of the Fort Myers drug abuse treatment options for when a person finishes their intensive therapy. It provides the ideal place to transition from an inpatient program to a normal way of being. These houses allow for several recovering addicts to stay under the same roof and provide each other with support. Various house rules assist in keeping all of the housemates away from drug and alcohol abuse, giving them a safe space to readjust to their everyday life.

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