Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Detox

What to Expect From Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Detox

Tampa inpatient alcohol detox centers are designed to provide a safe environment in which to begin the recovery process. While the person resides in a Tampa inpatient alcohol detox facility, they have the benefit of medical supervision and monitoring throughout the treatment program.

Why is Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Detox Necessary?

It’s common for many people to assume that someone caught in the grip of drug or alcohol addiction simply needs to exert a bit of willpower and stop using the substance by quitting ‘cold turkey’. However, there are some substances that could cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms, some of which could be potentially life-threatening and require emergency medical assistance.

For example, detoxing from alcohol could produce dangerous symptoms that include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, seizures and delirium tremens (DTs). Detoxing from other types of drugs could cause a range of different physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms to emerge.

Another withdrawal symptom that is commonly underestimated by a large number of people is how severe cravings can be. Many people simply assume that cravings can be beaten with simple willpower, but the reality is that the brain may have become dependent on the substance and is unable to adapt to the sudden lack of the drug or alcohol.

It’s important that anyone detoxing from drugs or alcohol seeks specialized treatment at a Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab facility.

What Happens in Tampa Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Tampa inpatient alcohol rehab programs begin with the detox process, which eliminates the effects of the drug or alcohol from the system. Depending on the type of substance being taken, addiction specialists may use a medically-assisted detox process.

The objective of medically-assisted detox is to provide prescription medications that help alleviate or reduce the severity of any withdrawal symptoms.  However, detox on its own only addresses the physical component of addiction. It does nothing to address the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors.

Once the detox process is complete, a combination of behavioral therapies and individual counseling can begin. The objective of counseling is to help the recovering person identify and recognize their own unique addiction triggers and then work on finding healthy ways to deal with those triggers without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Counseling also helps the recovering person begin developing a strong relapse prevention strategy suited to his or her individual needs. Addiction treatment programs also encourage regular attendance at group support meetings. Group meetings provide a level of peer support and help to reduce feelings of isolation during the recovery process.

What To Look for in Top Alcohol Rehab Centers

The top alcohol rehab centers should provide a range of treatment options and alternatives. Just as the triggers behind each person’s addiction are different, so too are the strategies needed to maintain sobriety over the long term.

Addiction specialists within the top alcohol rehab centers should take the time to assess each patient individually and determine the correct course of treatment and prescription medications. Treatment programs should also incorporate a range of alternative or holistic therapies that teach recovering people natural ways to cope with stress, reduce feelings of anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, and make it easier to manage cravings more effectively.

Even when the person graduates from a comprehensive addiction treatment program, treatment shouldn’t end. After the person leaves the Tampa inpatient alcohol detox facility, they should have access to a variety of aftercare programs and services. Aftercare programs are designed to provide the ongoing support and treatment needed to maintain motivation to stay clean and sober.

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