Fort Myers Detox Centers – What to Expect

Once a person has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, one of the biggest fears is often detoxification. The numerous withdrawal symptoms that a person can experience during detox can be challenging to deal with and even life-threatening if done alone. Withdrawal symptoms are often a reason why people don’t want to stop their substance abuse. In 2009, SAMHSA’s survey showed that only about 11.2 percent of the 23.5 million people that had a substance abuse problem actually got professional help. Fort Myers detox centers are ready to assist people through this difficult time, but what can you expect from the drug detox Fort Myers offers?

Causes of Withdrawal Symptoms

First we will look at how withdrawal symptoms occur to better understand them. A person going to the Fort Myers detox centers does so because they have become dependent on a substance. As abuse of the substance increases and the duration of the abuse grows, addiction becomes likely. The addiction causes changes in the person’s brain chemistry which ultimately cause withdrawal symptoms.

For example, a person who abuses opiates – a drug that affects the reward centers of the brain – their body tries to counteract the chemical presence of the substance. Since opiates cause dopamine and serotonin to be released in large quantities, the brain starts to produce less of the feel-good chemicals naturally. Eventually, the production of the chemicals is so hindered that without taking more opiates, the person struggles to feel any sense of normality.

Withdrawal symptoms are the result of the body trying to adjust back to a normal functional state from the imbalance that drugs or alcohol created. Some withdrawal symptoms last one a week or two while others can take months to get over. However, the strongest symptoms are experienced during the detox phase, which is why the opiate detox Fort Myers has, or other similar detox programs, is advised to help a person get over the worst of the symptoms safely.

Medical Detox

The most common type of detoxification in the Fort Myers detox centers is a medical detox. It is by far the safest way for a person to overcome some of the more physically additive drugs such as opiates, alcohol, cocaine and meth among others. Initially, a patient in the drug detox Fort Myers has will be assessed to discern the severity of their addiction and the best method to help them through detox.

In a medical detoxification program at the Fort Myers detox centers, a patient will be under constant supervision. Along with trained staff monitoring the person’s health and situation, they can also be given various medications to help them overcome their symptoms. Some of the medications are designed to counter certain symptoms while others work to lessen the entire experience. Many of the medications can only be given by prescription and are not available to a people who are trying to detox alone. Other medications, such as methadone that is used in the opiate detox Fort Myers has, are designed to treat not only the detox but also treat the addiction itself over the long-term. It does this by replacing the opiates the person abused with a controlled version, methadone, which is slowly reduced over time.

It is important to note that drugs such as opiates and alcohol can be highly dangerous to detox from. In certain cases, it can cause life-threatening conditions, which is why a professionally assisted detox is always advised.

If you are fearful of the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience during detox, do not hesitate to call White Sands Fort Myers at (877) 855-3470 today to see how they can help you get through the process.


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