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Addiction can cause havoc in a person’s life, negatively affecting areas such as work, school, family and their social life. Drug-related deaths are on a steady rise as each year, more and more Americans are dying from drug overdoses. According the CDC, 64,070 people lost their lives due to preventable drug overdoses in 2016. Getting those who are dealing with an addiction into treatment programs at the in patient drug rehab Fort Myers and the like has is important. Southwest Florida addiction services such as White Sands Treatment Centers have friendly, qualified staff members that are waiting to help you or a loved one through this difficult time.

What is Addiction and why is Treatment Required?

Addiction is classified as a mental disorder due to the physical changes that can occur in brain structure, much like other mental disorders. It is a chronic, relapsing disease that can take years to properly get under control in some cases. In fact, JAMA reported that between forty and sixty percent of recovering addicts relapse.

Addiction is not a condition that just goes away by itself as an addict’s behavior changes to place drug abuse above all other activities. The drug-seeking behavior, often spurred on by the physical cravings experienced, can lead a person to abuse drugs even if they don’t want to. This is why professional treatment at the in patient drug rehab Fort Myers has is so important.

Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the presence of an addiction in yourself or a loved one is a critical first step. Being aware that there is a problem can bring  a person to the realization that help at the drug treatment centers Fort Myers offers is sorely needed.

The signs of addiction can vary somewhat but are generally shared by most addicts. They are as follows:

  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Strange body odors
  • Bloodshot eyes, enlarged or small pupils and slurred speech
  • Nausea, vomiting and shakiness in the limbs
  • Sudden personality or attitude changes
  • Previously enjoyed hobbies stopped
  • Irritability, mood swings and giddiness
  • A decline in work or school performance
  • Drug abuse continues even though there are negative consequences
  • Secretive behavior and isolation

If some or all of the symptoms are present, then help at the southwest Florida addiction services such as the White Sands Treatment Centers should be sought after.

In Patient Treatment Programs

Addiction usually requires months of intensive treatment followed by years of maintenance to properly get under control. The process can be long with relapses along the way, but the best way to start your journey to recovery is through the in patient drug rehab Fort Myers provides. It is among the highest level of care that can be provided for the treatment of substance addiction. It incorporates research-based therapy and alternative treatment programs that are tailored to an individual’s needs.

Initially, patients will partake in detox programs to assist with the frequently-severe withdrawal symptoms that are experienced during meth, cocaine, alcohol, opioid and other drug addiction recoveries. This can be a dangerous period as some of the symptoms may cause chronic symptoms that can be life-threatening without professional care.

Behavioral therapy that the in patient drug rehab Fort Myers has aims to approach the behaviors, ideas and reactions that a person has that cause substance abuse in their particular situation. Along with group and individual therapy, relapse prevention techniques are focused on to help the patient cope with situations they will experience in their future.

Through the drug treatment centers Fort Myers has, residents of Florida and the surrounding states can receive some of the most effective treatment available for substance abuse. It all starts with contacting the White Sands Treatment Centers – call today at (877) 855-3470.


If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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