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The deaths from drug overdoses have reached a new high according to the CDC which reported over 64,000 preventable overdose-related deaths in 2016. With the increasing number of people becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, private and government campaigns encourage people who have a substance abuse problem to seek help from specialized rehab facilities. At a Fort Myers clinic for drug addiction such as White Sands Treatment Centers, up-to-date treatment methods are used to help patients combat the disease of addiction, assisting them in rebuilding their fractured lives.

How Do You Know You Need Help?

One of the hardest aspects for some addicts is admitting that they are in need of addiction treatment. The drug-seeking behavior that consumes the addict can make it difficult to admit that it is time for professional care at a drug rehab Fort Myers offers, even when the person is aware of the many problems their substance abuse is causing.

What are the signs that could indicate that a Fort Myers clinic for drug addiction is required? The signs of addiction are as follows:

  • Attempts to stop the alcohol or drug use has failed
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur shortly after substance abuse has stopped, including cravings
  • Substance abuse is unhindered by the awareness of the negative consequences
  • Other previously-enjoyed activities are abandoned in favor of substance abuse and recovering from substance abuse
  • The person is involved in risky behavior as a result of substance abuse
  • The substance abuse becomes the only way for the person to cope with the issues in their life
  • Much of the person’s time is spent acquiring and taking drugs or alcohol, and recovering from substance abuse
  • Attempts to reduce the amount of substance that is abused fails and more than the desired amount is often used
  • Financial problems arise due to the constant abuse of the substance
  • The person experiences interpersonal problems in their home and social life

If these signs are present in you or a loved one, it is likely that there is an addiction that will require a drug rehab Fort Myers has.

The Treatment Process

Once it has been established that addiction treatment is the only way forward, starting a program at a Fort Myers clinic for drug addiction is the next step. Some addicts may fear the withdrawal process and be unsure if they can cope with the symptoms. Medical detox programs are available at drug treatment centers Fort Myers has that incorporates the use of proven medications such as suboxone or methadone to manage the symptoms that are experienced during detox. Some of the medications can be used for months in certain drug addiction cases, such as a severe opioid addiction, as replacement drug therapy whereby the cravings are managed and the person is slowly weaned off the medication.

However, detox cannot cure an addiction by itself and alternative methods of treatment and behavioral therapy must be utilized, creating a broader treatment plan that is much more effective at treating addiction in the long-term. Patients learn new coping skills and what to do to avoid relapse in their future. The skills and behavioral changes learned in drug treatment centers Fort Myers has is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and frame of mind in the individual that can be a foundation for a substance-free life.

At a Fort Myers clinic for drug addiction, such as the White Sands Treatment Centers, recovery from addiction for you or a loved one is possible. Call us today at (877) 855-3470 to get the help you deserve.


If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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