For some, faith based recovery programs can improve the outcome of treatment for those with strong religious faith.


People who are religious or who have a strong faith in God often find it extra difficult to deal with an addiction. Guilt and stress about the addiction can make it even harder to quit, especially if they feel like they’ve disappointed God. But faith based recovery programs can help you overcome your guilt while effectively treating your addiction and helping you grow spiritually.

What Are Faith Based Recovery Programs?

Faith based treatment programs approach addiction from a spiritual perspective. They generally view substance abuse as a symptom of spiritual emptiness and help you develop a stronger spiritual foundation and grow closer to God to help you overcome an addiction.

Faith based drug treatment typically uses the same types of therapies that secular treatment programs use. These, ideally, include both traditional and complementary therapies. This holistic approach to treatment addresses a wide range of issues that underlie your addiction. The difference between spiritual rehab centers and secular rehab is that faith based recovery programs also delve into your spiritual life and help you improve your relationship with God or a higher power.

Advantages of Faith Based Recovery Programs

If religion is important to you, a faith based program can help you better recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. In addition to research-based treatment therapies, a spiritual program will include spiritual counseling for a whole-person, God- or faith-centered approach to healing.

For many people of faith, having an addiction can be devastating beyond the physical and emotional problems it causes. When religious people develop an addiction, there’s often an added layer of guilt, fear, and self-hatred stemming from the idea that they’ve turned away from God or displeased him. This can cause deep spiritual angst and lead to other self-destructive behaviors. Spiritual rehab centers help individuals find meaning in their struggles and find a sense of forgiveness. It helps them see a bigger spiritual picture and change the way they think about God, judgment, and punishment. It can lead to a greater understanding of God and spirituality, and it can enhance their lives beyond ending the addiction.

Religion and Faith Based Drug Treatment

Religion and spirituality aren’t the same things. Some faith based programs treat people of any religion who are looking to grow spiritually, while others may cater to people of a specific religion, such as Judaism or Christianity. Finding a religion based treatment program can be more difficult than finding a spiritual program. But faith based treatment programs can benefit anyone of any religion.

Some treatment programs combine secular and religious or spiritual practices. These programs offer faith-based treatment therapies and spiritual counseling to those who wish to engage in them. These programs are ideal for people who don’t subscribe to a particular religion but who wish to grow spiritually.

Finding the Best Faith Based Recovery Programs

A high quality faith based program will adhere to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Principles of Effective Treatment. It will use research-based treatment therapies, like cognitive-behavioral therapy, in addition to faith based therapies and counseling. Effective faith based drug treatment will be based on psychological principles as well as spiritual tenets, and it will offer a comprehensive aftercare plan to help you stay on track with recovery once treatment is complete.

Faith based recovery programs can help you find inner peace and renew your faith in a force greater than yourself. It can help you look beyond yourself and find greater purpose and meaning in your life. It can help you redefine your spirituality and bring you closer to God–whatever God is to you. If you’re looking for some spiritual guidance as well as an end to your addiction, WhiteSands can help. Call us today at 877-855-3470 to hear about our spiritual and faith based programming.

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