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Alcohol Abuse and Dependence – Fort Myers In Patient Alcohol Rehab

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 15 million people had an alcohol use disorder in the United States in 2015. A mere handful of them, around 6.7 percent, went to a specialized rehab for alcohol addiction. At an in Patient alcohol rehab center, alcohol dependence is often treated, utilizing the latest in research-based treatments. Through behavioral therapy and medications such as antabuse and naltrexone, alcohol dependence can be successfully managed, allowing the individual to reclaim the areas of their life that have been negatively affected by alcohol abuse.

In this article, we will look signs of an alcohol addiction and what the best treatment approach is.

Noticing Alcohol Addiction Signs

By looking just at the signs of alcohol dependence, how do you know when it is time to get in patient alcohol rehab treatment? The following are common signs and symptoms that a person with alcoholism exhibits.

  • Alcohol is used as a way to cope with stress and problems present in the person life. Eventually, it becomes the only way for the person to cope with situations.
  • Once an addiction takes hold, the addict often becomes aware that others may view their drinking as a problem. Secretive behavior and lying about how much or when a person drinks can be a sign of an addiction.
  • Once the person starts to drink, they find it difficult to stop. There is very limited control over how much alcohol is consumed and the person often drinks more than they planned to.
  • Drinking leads to risky behavior and situations. Drinking often happens when it shouldn’t such as at work or driving while intoxicated. Alcohol consumption may also lead to having unsafe sex with several partners.
  • Blacking out happens often. It can be hard for the person to remember what happened the night before, with parts of their memory completely blank.
  • Responsibilities such as work or family obligations are neglected. Other hobbies and activities that used to be enjoyed are also stopped in favor of drinking.
  • There is trouble in your relationships with your friends, co-workers and family. This is because alcohol becomes the highest priority in their life.
  • Building a tolerance to alcohol is a sign that excessive-long term drinking is occurring and likely an addiction.
  • Previous efforts to slow down drinking or stop have failed. The person may be aware that they have a problem, but they can’t stop.

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment Centers Near Me

Having an addiction is notoriously difficult to admit to. It often requires that several close friends and family come together to perform an intervention, or for the person to hit rock-bottom before they realize the extent of their problem and that rehab for alcohol addiction is the only way forward.

Finding alcohol inpatient treatment centers near me would be your next step. In patient alcohol rehab provides the best possible care for addiction due to the around-the-clock care that can be given. It is ideal for people who seek help with a severe addiction that they can’t break alone, and for people who have relapsed after outpatient programs. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the in patient alcohol rehab center, helping to prevent relapse.

Each patient is carefully assessed to determine the best treatment approach. Medications are usually used during detox since alcohol detox can be dangerous. Behavioral therapy and alternative treatments are employed to help the patient overcome their behavioral issues that cause their addiction. Long-term sobriety strategies that involve relapse prevention are taught so that the person can achieve long-term success in their recovery.


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