7 Tips For Loving An Addict

Loving an Addict is Challenging…

It doesn’t matter if it’s a parent, child, or spouse, loving an addict is stressful. Facing the reality of the addict’s choices can cause disruption in your own life. How you handle your own choices will determine if you can love an addict and protect your own life and sanity at the same time.

7 Tips For Loving An Addict

Dealing with an addict every day affects everyone in the family. If the addict lives in the home, every person is exposed to his or her moods and behavior issues on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems impossible to love an addict, but you can. Here are seven tips for loving an addict.

1. Face The Fact You Love An Addict

Loving an addict does not mean ignoring his or her problem, but it does mean you cannot be contributing to the issue by enabling your loved one. Don’t loan him or her money, pay a bill, or make excuses for their behavior.

2. Don’t Try To Fix Your Loved One

Addiction is powerful, and there is no amount of coercing you can do to get the one you love to stop using. You can try requiring he or she get treatment as a condition to continue your relationship. WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers can help your loved one get back on track with their inpatient treatment programs.

3. Don’t Become Part Of The Drama

Addicts live in a world of confusion and drama, but you don’t (and shouldn’t) become part of their drama. Don’t engage with him or her during a time when the drug is in control. Some addicts can become aggressive when they are high.

4. Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Manipulated

When you say “no,” don’t explain why. Your addict will try to manipulate you to get his or her way. Addicts try blaming, guilt-tripping, lying, crying, raging, and other methods to get you to change your mind and do what he or she wants. Don’t give in. Always tell your loved one that help is available if they will accept it.

5. Don’t Put Your Life On Hold

You may have a career, children, or other responsibilities. Never allow the “wants” of your addicted loved one to interrupt and interfere with your life. If it seems difficult, join a support group for the family of addicts.

6. Plan An Intervention

Some addicts can’t seem make the decision to get the help they need, even when they are frightened about what is happening to them. Loving an addict is challenging, but WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers can help you plan an intervention and provide a trained addiction specialist to guide the event.

7. Learn To Let Go

If everything you and others have tried to get help for the one you love has failed, you may have to let go. Don’t allow yourself and other family members to suffer for the actions of someone who isn’t ready to get help.

How To Leave An Addict You Love

The time may come when you will need to know how to leave an addict you love. Until an addict gets help and recovers, he or she loves self and drugs. Tell your addict it is over. It’s hard to accept, but it will have to be done to save yourself and other family members from the chaos of your addict’s life and behavior. Don’t do anything for him or her. Don’t supply transportation, money, or excuses, and allow him or her to know you can no longer be counted on for any help other than transport to an addiction treatment center. You can’t change an addict, but you can be changed negatively if you allow it.

How To Have A Relationship With A Drug Addict

Even the best of relationships have challenges, but when you are dealing with an addict (using or in recovery) you will not hold first place in his or her life. There are romantic, family, peer, and professional relationships, and they all require trust as a primary component. If you wonder how to have a relationship with a drug addict, it is very difficult. You have to be willing to live your own life within the unrealistic world of the drug addict. Lies, stealing, and manipulation are daily events. The best option is to remain supportive if your addict is getting help, and join a support group to learn what you can do and what you can’t.

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