Addiction Treatment Options in Florida

Finding the Right Treatment – Addiction Treatment Options in Florida

Addiction does not only affect a small group of people – anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. In 2013, almost 25 million people had used some kind of illegal drug in the past month in the United States. Admitting that you have an addiction and need professional help is a major step toward getting better. Maybe you discovered that a loved one is suffering from an addiction and want to find out what addiction treatment options are available for them. By acknowledging the addiction, you can begin the road to recovery through the many addiction treatment programs available at a drug rehab Fort Myers has.

In this article, treatment choices at the addiction treatment facilities Fort Myers offers will be discussed.

Inpatient Rehab

One of the most effective addiction treatment options at a drug rehab Fort Myers has is inpatient rehab. Many addicts may have tried to stop their drug use in the past but failed. Addiction a chronic, relapsing mental disease that can alter the way your brain works. As such, stopping by yourself is challenging with the intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

At an inpatient rehab center, a patient is required to stay within the facility’s wall for the duration of the treatment plan. This closes the door on relapse risks by keeping the addict away from all types of drugs that would otherwise be available. Constant monitoring ensures that the addict adheres to the no-drug policy.

Around-the-clock care means that addict is getting the best care possible during the early stages of their recovery. Each day is carefully planned based on what treatments and activities that would assist the addict at the time. Structure is something that is often sorely lacking in an addict’s day-to-day life and by reintroducing structure it can help to normalize their experience again.

Furthermore, various medications can be given and the effects can be closely monitored. These medications are a great asset in the treatment of addiction when coupled with individual and group therapy.

Outpatient Rehab

At the addiction treatment facilities Fort Myers has, outpatient rehab is another popular form of care. It is best suited for individuals who have already completed their inpatient rehab program and need to continue their care while adjusting to their life outside of rehab again.

With the outpatient addiction treatment options, a recovering addict can attend to the responsibilities they have such as work or childcare while they undergo professional treatment. Many addicts require a level of autonomy that outpatient rehab can offer. However, for severe addictions and cases where relapse has occurred multiple times, outpatient rehab does not provide the structure and safe environments needed to overcome such an addiction.

Sober Living Environments

One of the last addiction treatment options that a person can take advantage of is sober living environments. Sober living is about staying in a house with several people who are recovering from drug or alcohol addictions with set house rules and a supportive environment.

Sober living environments are typically houses that can be privately run or operated by a rehab center. Housemates look after each other and help each other through transitional problems they may have leaving an inpatient program and trying to adjust in the normal world again. A stay in such a house can last anywhere from a few weeks to over a year depending on the needs of the individual.

Drug rehab centers, such as WhiteSands Treatment Centers, have several options for treatment that can help anyone to overcome their addiction, regardless of the type of substance abused or the severity of the addiction. Call us today at (877) 855-3470.


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