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Opiate Addiction Recovery – Best Heroin Treatment Centers in Tampa

Heroin has plagued America for years and continues to claim many lives each year. According to data from the CDC, over 15,000 people lost their lives due to the abuse of heroin in 2016. The alarming amount of preventable deaths caused by the abuse of heroin shows the importance of using the best heroin treatment centers before it is too late. Many new heroin users switched over to the drug from prescription opioids when they were unable to find another prescription or wanted a cheaper alternative. Today, the spike in heroin use has prompted increased efforts to make the addiction treatment available to all who need it.

What are the Signs of Heroin Addiction?

Whether you are trying to see if you maybe have an addiction to heroin or if you are trying to discover if a loved one has a heroin addiction, knowing what the signs are can help you to know when it is time to seek a heroin addiction rehab.

While not everyone exhibits the same signs of addiction, and the severity of the addiction as well as the length of the addiction can change the signs shown, the following are the common signs of heroin abuse and addiction.

  • Paraphernalia – Finding drug paraphernalia around can be a sign of heroin addiction. These include syringes, metal or glass pipes, aluminum foil and balloons or baggies.
  • Physical signs directly after use – Soon after a person uses heroin, physical signs such as slowed breathing, nodding off and disorientation is common.
  • Withdrawal symptoms – The full range of withdrawal symptoms occur such as diarrhea, muscle and stomach cramps, sneezing, tearing and tremors among others – flu like symptoms.
  • Behavioral change – You may notice several behavioral changes such as seeming depressed, mood swings, irritability and suddenly having a new group of friends. They may withdraw from their older friends and stop doing previously-enjoyed activities such as sports.
  • Track marks – For intravenous users, you may find track marks on their skin. It may look like needle marks, bruises, scabs and scars. This can be a sign of heroin abuse and that some of the best heroin treatment centers are needed.
  • Secretive behavior – In trying to hide their addiction from others, they may lie about where they have been and who they were with. Lies about what they used their money on and asking for money under false pretenses is common.

Best Heroin Treatment Centers

Heroin addiction recovery is especially important because of how physically and emotionally addictive opiates can be. Most people can only be helped through heroin addiction recovery programs.

At a heroin addiction rehab, the addict is helped through the worst parts of detox, sometimes opting for methadone management treatment whereby it is used as a replacement drug and then addict is allowed to slowly wean off the drug over time. A medical detox for heroin abuse is highly advised due to the high rates of relapse because of the addictive properties of heroin. Without supervision and medication, it can become near impossible for some people to give up the drug due to the severe changes that have occurred in their brain, causing the drug-seeking behavior.

At the best heroin treatment centers, addicts are given choices as far as treatment options go. While inpatient programs are the best way to treat and addiction to heroin, outpatient programs can be perfect for people who still need to see to their responsibilities, or for those coming out of an inpatient program.


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