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Every year, millions of people in the United States abuse alcohol to the point where it is considered alcohol use disorder. In 2015, 15.1 million people reportedly had a problem with drinking. To help those that have fallen victim to alcohol abuse or addiction, Florida alcoholic rehabilitation center programs have been made available. Through these research-based treatments, alcoholism can be stopped and managed.

When is Rehab Needed?

When there is alcohol dependence, then there is a need for a Florida alcoholic rehabilitation center. But how do you know when an inpatient alcohol rehab program is needed?

There are several signs that help to identify when there is alcohol use disorder present. Due to the many negative health and behavioral aspects, the sooner you recognize the problems, the sooner you can break the cycle of addiction with the help of a Florida alcoholic rehabilitation center.

The commonly exhibited signs include the following:

  • The person needs to keep drinking more and more to get drunk due to tolerance that has developed.
  • Control over how much you drink is non-existent and trying to stop or slow down doesn’t work.
  • A lot of the person’s time is occupied with drinking, including recovering from drinking.
  • Withdrawal symptoms set in soon after the person stops drinking.
  • Although the person may have enjoyed several activities in the past, the only thing they have time for now is drinking.
  • The person starts having health and relationships problems because of their drinking, but that doesn’t stop use.
  • They crave alcohol.
  • There have been several instances of drinking in risky situations, such as while or before driving or at work.

Florida Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Once it has been established that there is an alcohol use disorder, the next step is to look for professional help at an inpatient alcohol rehab. Even if the person feels that they don’t need therapy and alternative treatment programs at an inpatient rehab center, detox from alcohol can be particularly dangerous and is reason enough to go into a medical detox program.

Medical detox refers to a detoxification that happens under the supervision of trained staff members that can handle medical emergencies. Several medications have been found to be useful in the detox process, and in a medical detox, these medications can be given. Some of the drugs may only be given in an inpatient setting due to the risk of abuse.

Florida inpatient alcohol rehab programs are one of the best ways of treating addiction. This is because of the way the program is structured allowing for intensive treatment. The drug-free environment coupled with around-the-clock support from the caring staff makes it an ideal place to begin a recovery journey. During the day, each patient goes through planned activities and therapies so that their time is occupied with healthy events rather than a constant thought of drinking alcohol.

Outpatient programs are another type of program that can be effective in the alcohol addiction treatment process. At a Florida alcoholic rehabilitation center, outpatient programs are advised to extend the treatment period after inpatient rehab, or for those who cannot take any time off other responsibilities they may have. Inpatient care usually lasts one to three months, and outpatient programs can last from one month to over a year.

Sober living is another option post-treatment. It is a home that houses several people who have come out of inpatient programs that need a place to continue their recovery while they start doing normal things in their life again.




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