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Fort Myers Narcotic Rehab Centers – How Rehab Can Assist With Addiction

Due to how addiction works, it can be difficult for a person to admit to the problem and seek professional help. According to a national survey conducted by SAMHSA in 2009, there were 23.5 million individuals who were considered substance abusers but only 2.6 million sought out treatment. Since it is a disease, addiction almost always requires professional intervention in order to be able to manage it effectively. This can be done at the Fort Myers narcotic rehab centers due to the medications, traditional research-based therapy and various alternative treatment programs they have in place.

What are some of programs that drug treatment centers Fort Myers have that are advised for substance abuse? In this article, we will look at common inpatient, outpatient and detox programs available for addicts.

Detox Programs

Detox is about flushing a person’s system of all toxins that have built up from substance abuse. When a person stops their substance abuse, they are met with withdrawal symptoms. These occur as the body tries to return to normal function and balance while the toxins leave their body. Because the person becomes reliant on the substance to function mentally, the lack of the drug can cause severe problems that are best dealt with through medications. These medications are given during medical detox programs in Fort Myers narcotic rehab centers as they are needed.

Detoxification is just the first part of recovery and it should be immediately followed by the therapy programs that drug treatment centers Fort Myers have.

Inpatient Rehab

The programs at the Fort Myers narcotic rehab centers that are considered the most effective are the inpatient rehab programs. They achieve this success due to their intensity. An individual entering into such a program will live in the facility as opposed to only coming in for treatment a couple times a week.

The inpatient programs at a drug rehab Fort Myers offers is an ideal match for an individual with a severe addiction to substances such as alcohol, opioid pain relievers, heroin, cocaine and any other physically addictive drug. The facilities are kept strictly drug and alcohol free, creating to type of environment needed for effective recovery. The person can also be taken out of negative situations at their home and brought into a supportive setting.

Around-the-clock care helps the patient to maintain balance, and each day is filled with all of the activities that promote sobriety. By the end of the treatment at a drug rehab Fort Myers has, the patient will have learned new coping skills to use in their future, and worked through many of the issues that caused their addiction in the first place. Treatment typically lasts for 30 to 90 days.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab requires that the person being treated come to the rehab a couple times a week to have their therapy. It is not the best program for people with a severe addiction or who have relapsed before because it does not provide the same structured intensity that inpatient offers.

However, it is ideal for someone who can’t take time off work or other responsibilities in their life. It is also ideal for patients who have completed their inpatient program but still need to carry on with a less-intensive treatment. Fort Myers narcotic rehab centers have inpatient programs that can last from just a few weeks to several months, depending on the person’s recovery requirements.


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