Tampa Best Drug Rehab Centers

Tampa Best Drug Rehab Centers – What to Look For

A total of 64,070 people in the United States overdosed on substances that caused their death in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A sharp rise was seen in deaths related to fentanyl overdose – a powerful opioid pain killer. To help all of the affected people who have substance abuse problems, the Tampa best drug rehab centers such as WhiteSands have their doors open to assist with the recovery from addiction.

But how do you know what the Tampa best drug treatment centers are? In this article, the various principals outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse will be discussed to help you make an informed decision. The principals highlight what makes one treatment program better than another.

Full Medical Assessment

Since drug addicts often put themselves in risky situations such as sharing needles, their risk of hepatitis C and B, HIV/AIDS and other diseases that spread through bodily fluid contact is increased. Checking for these infectious diseases is important for the patient’s recovery process. If a disease is found, the Tampa best drug rehab centers should make treatment available.

Plans Should Be Varied

The treatment plans that are made at the Tampa best drug rehab centers are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all. Each plan needs to take into account the person’s unique situation including the type of drug that was abused, medical concerns, home situations and other mental disorders that may affect the result of the treatment.

Period of Treatment

Rehabs that promise to treat a severe addiction in just a week or two should be avoided. The optimal time for treatment according to NIDA is three months. Treatment plans at the residential drug treatment Tampa has usually last between one and three months. A one month residential drug treatment Tampa offers followed by an outpatient program to carry on treatment is needed at the rehab you choose.

Medications in Treatment

There is no cure for addiction and no medication that can suddenly make a person not addicted anymore. However, medications such as methadone have helped many people successfully manage an addiction when combined with other therapeutic forms of treatment, including counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  At an inpatient alcohol rehab Tampa has, a patient will be given medications such as disulfiram to help them with their addiction.

Relapse Prevention

Due to addiction being a relapsing mental disorder, the eventuality of dealing with stress and overwhelming situations that can lead to substance abuse is something that must be addressed and focused on during treatment. Once the person leaves an inpatient alcohol rehab Tampa has, they need to be able to deal with situations such as the holidays, parties and sudden loss without relapsing but rather using their newly-learned coping skills.

Co-Occurring Disorders

In the realm of addiction treatment at the Tampa best drug rehab centers such as WhiteSands, the co-occurrence of mental disorders is looked at. This is because there is a strong link between common mental disorders such as bi-polar and addiction. Not only do both mental disorders need to be treated, but they need to be treated at the same time. A rehab capable of facilitating the treatment of both disorders is ideal.

Treatment after Detox

A rehab should make it abundantly clear to an individual going through a medical detox that they must go into a rehab program after their detox. If behavioral treatment does not come after the detox, the risk of relapse is very high.




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