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Florida Detox Rehab Centers – Finding the Right Treatment Center

With the surge of opioid abuse and many other drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine and newer synthetic drugs still being abused, the national overdose rates have never been higher. In 2016, the CDC recorded 64,070 deaths due to preventable drug overdoses. This alarming trend has led to many government and private agencies looking for ways to make information and treatment more available. Florida detox rehab centers stand ready to help substance use disorder sufferers through the struggle of detox and recovery.

How do you know which are the best drug rehabs in Florida that are going to be able to help your or someone you care about with such a major issue? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are elements of a treatment program that can make it more effective. They are as follows.

Detox Alone is Not Enough

When a person comes into Florida detox rehab centers such as WhiteSands for a medical detoxification, it is important to make the person aware that a detox alone is not enough to help them beat their addiction. Detox is seen as just the first step at Florida detox rehab centers. Once a medical detox is completed, the priority for the patient should be about getting into a rehab program, and as such, the Florida detox rehab centers you choose should also have other treatments available once detox is done.

Tailor-Made Treatment Plans

Due to the many factors that can influence a person’s addiction, their treatment needs to be tailor-made in order to meet different needs. A treatment program that worked for one person, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy combined with substance replacement therapy, may not work as well for another person. All of the factors need to be assessed so that an effective treatment plan at the Florida detox rehab centers of your choosing can be made.

The Use of Medications

Over the years, several medications have been developed to aid in the treatment of substance dependence. Methadone, naltrexone and buprenorphine are just some of the medications that can successfully help to maintain sobriety. At addiction recovery centers in Florida, the rehab should be able to have medications as an option for treatment if the patient can benefit from it. When these medications are combined with traditional therapeutic approaches, some of the best results can be achieved.

Overseeing Progress

Addiction recovery is never a smooth journey, even at the best drug rehabs in Florida. There can be slips in recovery and unexpected improvements. As such, the initial treatment plan needs to be adaptive so that it can be altered as the patient progresses. This may be due to a relapse warranting a change in the treatment plan. To achieve this, the addiction recovery centers in Florida you are considering should continuously monitor the recovering addict using drug tests and interviews. Oftentimes, when a person is aware that they are being monitored, it can be enough to deter them from substance abuse, especially in an outpatient program.

Other Mental Disorders

It is common for addiction to be accompanied by bi-polar, PTSD or another mental disorder. Addiction is also a mental disorder due to the changes it causes in a person’s brain structure, much the same as other common mental disorders. In treatment, the rehab needs to be able to treat both disorders simultaneously or risk higher relapse rates.




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