Opiate Addiction Treatment Fort Myers

Opiate Addiction Treatment Fort Myers – What are My Options?

Opiate abuse and addiction is at the forefront of substance abuse concerns in the United States. In 2015, roughly 20.5 million people had substance use disorder. Of these, 591,000 people were addicted to heroin and 2 million had an addiction to opiate prescription pain killers. In the same year, just under 13,000 people fatally overdosed on heroin and a further 20,101 people fatally overdosed on prescription opiates. To combat this epidemic, opiate addiction treatment Fort Myers offers give addicts a way to overcome the problems surrounding addiction with the use of research-based medications and therapies.

In this article, we will explore the effective opiate addiction treatment options.

Medical Detoxification

Detox is something that all opiate addicts must go through. A medical detox is advised because the patient does not need to go cold turkey. Replacement medications can be used effectively in opiate addiction treatment centers by slowly weaning the person off the drug, helping to reduce the many overwhelming flu-like symptoms of withdrawal.

Apart from replacement therapies such as methadone, the person’s health can be closely monitored at the opiate addiction treatment centers to help avoid possible health issue brought on by the detox. This is important in cases where there are medical issues before starting the detox or in cases where there have been multiple detoxes increasing the risks.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment

Both inpatient and residential treatment programs can provide the ideal platform to start your recovery. It is one of the most effective opiate addiction treatment options when combined with opioid replacement therapy or other medications to help block the effects of abuse.

In the inpatient opiate addiction treatment Fort Myers has, the patient can be given 24/7 care. This is not only useful for dealing with the physical and emotional problems that have to be dealt with in recovery, but it can help the person stay clean. Since no drugs are allowed on in the opiate addiction treatment Fort Myers offers, it is easier for the person to avoid relapse.

The inpatient opiate addiction treatment Fort Myers has usually lasts for around one to three months. In this time, the patient will be involved in a structured environment that is focused on helping them rebuild their lives. The addict also learns all of the skills they need to live drug-free once they finish with the intensive treatment program. Staying at the facility means that the person is completely removed from situations that would make it hard to stop drug abuse, such as being in the presence of other current drug abusers.

Outpatient Treatment

While outpatient treatment programs approach the treatment of addiction in much the same way as inpatient or residential programs, they do not provide the intensity that inpatient programs can give. This makes the program ideal for someone with a less severe addiction or for someone who has gone through inpatient rehab but still wants to carry on their treatment but with more autonomy.

Outpatient treatment usually lasts from a month to a year, depending on what the person needs. It is more affordable than inpatient programs making it more viable to make use of over a longer period while the person is adjusting to a drug-free life.

Sober Living

Sober living is usually one of the last steps in recovery, apart from support groups. Staying in a sober living environment is like staying in an inpatient rehab center with strict rules, but with the ability to leave for work, school or to find a job among other things. Several people going through recovery stay together in such a home and help each other stay clean.




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