Florida Narcotic Rehab Centers

Florida narcotic rehab centers help people with an addiction recover for the long-term.

Narcotics are highly addictive opioid medications that are prescribed to treat pain. Beating a narcotic addiction is challenging, and it almost always requires professional help. Florida narcotic rehab centers offer comprehensive treatment to help individuals addicted to pain pills end their addiction for good.

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab Facilities in Florida

Florida narcotic rehab centers typically offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Choosing the right mode of treatment for you is crucial for success.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab facilities in Florida have the best success rate, since it’s generally an intensive, 90-day program. Inpatient treatment involves living at a residential rehab facility, and it’s essential if you have:

  • A long history of addiction or a severe addiction.
  • A co-occurring mental illness.
  • Low motivation to recover.
  • An unsafe or unstable living environment at home.

Benefits of inpatient treatment include:

  • The ability to focus only on recovery, without external stressors getting in the way.
  • A high level of support and supervision.
  • The opportunity to develop healthy relationships with others in recovery.
  • A high level of structure and routine.

Outpatient Rehab Facilities in Florida

Outpatient treatment involves living at home while attending rehab programming at the rehab center. Outpatient treatment can work for people who have:

  • Strong intrinsic motivation to recover.
  • A safe and stable living environment at home.
  • Reliable transportation to the facility.
  • Good physical and mental health apart from the addiction.

The benefits of outpatient rehab include:

  • The ability to work, attend school, or care for the family while in rehab.
  • The opportunity to practice the skills and strategies you learn right away, in the real world.
  • A lower cost than inpatient rehab.
  • A higher level of privacy.

How Florida Narcotic Rehab Centers Work to End Dependence

If you’re dependent on narcotics as well as addicted to them, treating the dependence on narcotics is the first order of business in a narcotic rehab program.

Dependence is a physical need for narcotics, characterized by withdrawal symptoms that set in when you stop using. Medical detox and medication-assisted treatment are two options for addressing dependence on narcotics.

Medical Detox

During medical detox, narcotics are withheld so that brain function can begin to return to normal. Medical detox is supervised by medical professionals who offer medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reduce the amount of time it takes to detox. Once detox is complete, addiction treatment can begin.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Most addiction experts agree that medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is more effective than medical detox for long-term recovery from narcotic addiction. The best drug rehab centers in Florida will offer MAT, which involves taking medications that help normalize brain function while preventing the onset of withdrawal symptoms. MAT reduces cravings, which can persist for months or even years after medical detox, making recovery very difficult for many.

How Florida Narcotic Rehab Centers Work to End Addiction 

Addiction is different from dependence, characterized by the inability to stop using narcotics even though they’re causing major problems in your life and even though you want to quit or have tried to quit.

Addiction almost always has underlying causes that must be addressed in order to effectively end the addiction for the long-term. Common underlying causes of addiction include a history of trauma, chronic stress, and a co-occurring mental illness.

Additionally, addiction causes problems in your life that need to be addressed for successful recovery.

The best drug rehab centers in Florida are holistic programs that offer a range of both traditional and complementary therapies that help you:

  • Address the underlying issues that led to the narcotic abuse and addiction.
  • Develop skills and strategies for coping with triggers.
  • Identify and change unhealthy thought and behavior patterns.
  • Address any co-occurring mental illnesses like anxiety or depression.
  • Restore function to all areas of your life.
  • Repair damaged relationships and restore function to the household.
  • Find purpose and meaning in a drug-free life.
  • Learn to relax and have fun without drugs.

High quality, holistic Florida narcotic rehab centers help countless people end an addiction for the long-haul while improving their quality of life and sense of wellbeing. Research shows that treatment works for most people who engage fully with their treatment plan. If you’re addicted to narcotics, rehab can help you recover and improve your life on all fronts.

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