Florida AA Treatment Centers: The Process

Florida AA Treatment Centers: Understanding the Process of Addiction Recovery through AA

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program for addiction is perhaps the most well-known treatment method there is. In fact, roughly 74 percent of American treatment centers have Alcoholics Anonymous programs, also referred to as the 12-step program, as a part of their available treatment courses. The wide-spread use of AA and the subsequent adaptions of the program speak to the effectiveness it has in addiction treatment. AA treatment centers can provide you or a loved one with the proven steps that help individuals beat their addiction together.

History of AA

Bill Wilson wrote a book entitled the “Big Book” in which he recounted his experience and thoughts about the disease of alcoholism. It was revolutionary at the time and soon become a major part of addiction treatment.

The first AA treatment programs were based on core values of Christianity. It was through the wisdom and the power of higher forces that a person was able to stop their alcohol abuse. Wilson believed that the reason for people’s substance abuse was mainly due to a poor connection with God, and it was only through God’s help that someone was able to manage their addiction.

Since its creation, AA treatment programs now also assist with overcoming an addiction to other drugs and destructive behaviors such as gambling. It is also possible to find AA treatment centers that offer the program without the focus on Christianity.

What Are the 12 Steps?

The steps outlined in the AA treatment centers are meant to help an individual with the many aspect of their disease. In the AA rehab centers Florida has, the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are as follows:

  1. Admittance that they have no control over the addiction.
  2. Trust in the fact that a higher power is able to help them beat their addiction.
  3. Giving control over to the higher power.
  4. A meticulous personal inventory needs to be done.
  5. Admitting to yourself that wrongs have been committed to both others and yourself.
  6. Be willing to accept the idea that God or a higher power can correct your situation.
  7. Allow for your situation to be rectified through a higher power.
  8. Compile a list of the bad things you did to other people during your addiction.
  9. Make amends to the people on the list created.
  10. Continue adding to your personal inventory as new things come to light.
  11. Make use of prayer and meditation to create the connection needed between yourself and a higher power.
  12. Take what you learned and help others with their steps.

AA Goals

The main objective of AA rehab centers Florida offers is to empower the addict to be able to manage their addiction. AA treatment centers achieve this by teaching and helping patients through the steps until the point where the person can self-manage their recovery, with the help of their peers. One of the things AA is famous for are the group meetings held on a regular basis. In these meetings, various previously-addicted individuals meet and help each other through the steps, with recovering addicts in their finals steps helping those who are working their way through all the steps.

It has been found that simply by helping other people who are going through similar problems that your own resolve to remain sober becomes reinforced. The program is designed to help people come to terms and resolve issue of the past in an effort to not repeat them, learning from past mistakes.




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