Recovering from Alcoholism in Fort Myers: The Treatment Process at WhiteSands

Recovering from Alcoholism in Fort Myers: What to Expect at WhiteSands

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism collected data for alcohol abuse in 2015. They found that the binge drinking was present in around 26.9 percent of the adult population. In the same year, over 15 million adults were suffering from alcohol use disorder, also referred to as alcoholism. Recovering from alcoholism can be a trying experience due to the cravings felts and the withdrawal symptoms that can be overwhelming. Thankfully, WhiteSands in Fort Myers can provide you or a loved one with professional care for treating alcoholism.

In this article, we will look at what you can expect from WhiteSands treatment centers for alcoholism.

Early Stages of Recovering from Alcoholism

Perhaps the most difficult part of recovering from alcoholism is the early stages because of withdrawal symptoms that occur.

Withdrawal symptoms are caused as your body tries to return to normal operation after alcohol became a major part of the person’s life and therefore their physiology. The symptoms are affected by the amount a person drank on average, the length that the alcohol abuse went on for and biological factors such as health issues present before entering detox. Common withdrawal symptoms from alcohol include the following:

  • Restlessness
  • Heavy sweating
  • Irritability and agitation
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shakiness throughout the body
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Confusion

In around 5 percent of alcohol withdrawal cases, people also experience delirium tremens. The symptoms of delirium tremens can be so severe that it can cause coma and death. It is therefore important that a medical detox program at WhiteSands be used.

A medical detox at WhiteSands allows a person to be eligible for medications that are proven to be effective for withdrawal. They include Ativan, Librium, Valium and benzodiazepines. They work by reducing the symptoms and even the length of the detox. It is important to note that a medical detox by itself cannot cure alcoholism.

Treating Alcoholism

At the WhiteSands treatment centers for alcoholism, it is understood that a medical detox is just the first step in a longer process in recovering from alcoholism. A medical detox simply a way for the withdrawal symptoms to be safely managed, and to help the person be in a better mental and physical health state to be more susceptible to treatment.

Through an assessment of the patient, the best way to go about treating their alcoholism will be determined. It is important that each person be treated as an individual because there is not just one treatment that works for everyone. The assessment will look at many areas of the person’s life, the severity of their alcoholism and possible mental disorders.

For more severe cases of alcoholism, an inpatient or residential program is advised. These are the most intensive forms of treatment at WhiteSands because the person stays at the facility while partaking in activities geared toward their recovery on a daily basis. The patient is also taken out of environments that would not be suitable for recovery. During the stay at the rehab, the patient will learn how to recognize their negative behaviors and thoughts, and how to replace them with healthy alternatives. Coping skills for triggers is also a key aspect of recovery.

Outpatient programs can be effective at treating alcoholism. While not as intensive as inpatient programs, it still allows for the benefits of professional care while providing the patient with enough autonomy to attend to important aspects of their life.


If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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