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Florida Detox Center in Fort Myers – Getting Through Detox Safely

In 2014, over 20 million adults in the United States were abusing alcohol and drugs to the point of addiction, also known as substance use disorder. One of the trademarks of an addiction is wanting to stop but being unable to. Withdrawal symptoms are one of the main reasons why people struggle to quit substance abuse, and with good reason. Intense cravings and often dangerous symptoms can prompt a person to continue to abuse substances even if they don’t want to. At a Florida detox center, addicts can be assisted by giving them medications to overcome the initial detox phase of recovery.

In this article, we will look at why drug detox facilities are the best option for detoxification.

Withdrawal Symptom Causes

Why do withdrawal symptoms occur? Frequent substance abuse causes your body to try and adapt. The presence of the substance causes natural systems to be disrupted and as a result, the body tries to fight the invasion by altering its own bodily functions, specifically in the brain. As this continues, a tolerance builds because the body is fighting the presence of the substance. It also begins to rely on the substance to be there and when use suddenly stops, the body is left in this altered position. Withdrawals symptoms ensue as the body tries to go back to a normal balance again.

What Happens in a Medical Detox?

At a Florida detox center, addicts can be put into medical detox programs. These programs use medications to combat the symptoms of withdrawal. A person will be given a medication based on the substance they abused. For example, methadone can be used for an opiate addiction, which helps by replacing the opiate use with another safer opiate. Then the person can slowly reduce the amount of methadone they need until they can stop entirely.

What a medical detox allows for is a much more manageable withdrawal phase, and in many cases, a much safer withdrawal. In the case of alcohol detox, delirium tremens can cause symptoms that are life-threatening and detoxing from severe alcohol dependence without the use of medications available in a Florida detox center is not advised.

What Affects Withdrawal Symptom Severity?

There are several factors that can influence how sever detox is. For starters, the longer the substance abuse goes on for, the harsher the symptoms will be. Combinations of different drugs and alcohol treated at medical detox facilities also changes how severe the symptoms are. Symptoms from two different substances can intersect and become a bigger problem than if it was with just one substance.

Other mental disorders that are present while detox is happening can also have a negative effect on the symptoms. For example, if a person has depression and goes through a detox from cocaine or another substance that causes severe depression as a withdrawal symptom then the symptoms can compound.

The type of drug that was most abused also affects what type of symptoms that are experienced. Alcohol dependence is one of the commonly treated withdrawals at medical detox facilities and is one of the most dangerous. Other withdrawals from drugs like cocaine may not be as dangerous, but the physiological symptoms can be as dangerous, often causing suicidal thoughts. Drug detox facilities monitor patients around-the-clock to ensure a safe recovery.

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