Florida Residential Rehab Centers For Addiction

The Best Residential Rehab Centers In Florida

Florida residential rehab centers for addiction provide patients with beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings. WhiteSands residential rehab centers are located in Tampa and Fort Myers FL and offer the highest standard in quality care in comfortable accommodations.

Residential Rehab Centers

When addicts choose residential rehab centers, they are removed from the dangerous environment that makes it difficult to break the cycle of addiction. The safe and positive environment allows patients to focus on their recovery and not be distracted or tempted by former drug acquaintances trying to reconnect. The reasons for an individual’s addiction will vary, but each area is addressed in therapy, group therapy, and private counseling session.

When a patient knows and understands the causes behind his or her addiction, it makes it easier to focus on recovery. With twenty-four hour medical care, patients can feel safe when going through detox. Medications are provided to reduce the unpleasantness of the side effects that accompany withdrawal. Safety is always first throughout the detox process, and your experience is as comfortable as possible. The goal of WhiteSands residential rehab centers in Tampa and Fort Myers FL is to provide the patient with excellent care and rehab programs in a safe, comfortable, and attractive setting.

Residential Addiction Rehab

When a patient is in a residential addiction rehab setting, there are medical personnel and counselors available twenty-four hours a day. This is a tremendous advantage for the patient having difficulty sleeping, experiencing some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms (physical and mental), and stress about his or her future. WhiteSands residential addiction rehab understands the patient needs to have the availability to supportive care and counseling at any time of the day or night, and the staff’s compassionate care makes the transition to residential rehab positive by providing a superior level of care.

Residential addiction rehab also provides the benefit of structure. There is safety in a well-planned activity schedule. Patients who have just gone through detox are still learning how to make wise decision regarding their lives. Structured programs help each patient gain the most from the rehab and therapy programs as well as teaching the individual how to plan their time once he or she leaves rehab.

Structured days help both the body and mind to heal. Good nutrition and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle that must be continued in recovery. The steady support of the staff at WhiteSands provides patients with critical emotional and physical support as they go through rehab and recovery.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab is a place where patients can feel safe and cared about. There is no “hospital” atmosphere and rooms are attractive and comfortable. The daily schedule comes without stress, and the atmosphere is calming and relaxing. At WhiteSands inpatient drug rehab, the whole person is treated. Exercise, nutrition, creative pursuits, spirituality, medical care, biofeedback, yoga, and chiropractic are alternative therapy programs patients may participate in as part of their overall rehab care.

WhiteSands know that patients in recovery need the support of people who care and the safety and comfort a quality residential facility can provide. Patients receive the time they need to focus on getting better. The physical, emotional, and psychological health of the addict are the priorities of the staff at WhiteSands.

Patients also learn to understand the triggers that can be associated with relapse. It’s important to understand that completion of detox and rehab is not a guarantee a person won’t relapse if he or she is not committed to using the skills they have been taught. Triggers are real, tempting, and can lead to relapse. Patients in inpatient drug rehab need to experience a cultural transformation in order to readjust to their life in the community, which includes new activities, new friends, and a new outlook on life.

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