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Florida Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers – Why Use Dual Diagnosis?

The co-occurrence of addiction and another mental disorder is not uncommon; according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, there were roughly 7.9 million people living in the United States that had the occurrence of both. Having both a mental disorder such as an anxiety disorder and addiction at the same time requires a more complex treatment method. Through Florida dual diagnosis treatment centers such as WhiteSands, you are able to find the level of treatment needed to beat co-occurring mental disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Explained

Dual diagnosis, also referred to as co-occurring mental disorders, is when a person has another mental disorder at the same time that they have an addiction. The addiction can be present first before a mental disorder becomes apparent, or a mental disorder is present and then the person develops an addiction, which is more common.

Having a mental disorder makes a person more prone to addiction. This is because as with the mental disorder, addiction also changes the way the brain works. The two diseases of the mind often work off each other, such as a person with anxiety disorder using cocaine to address their symptoms only to become more anxious after the effects have faded.

What Are Common Co-Occurring Mental Disorders?

At Florida dual diagnosis treatment centers and rehabs across the country, there are common co-occurring mental disorders that are frequently treated. The reason the type of drug and mental disorder frequently occur together is because of how they interact and how they provide relief for the specific symptoms the mental disorder gives.

Common co-occurring disorders that are treated in dual diagnosis addiction treatment include the following:

  • Depression and heroin – Since heroin can make a person feel extremely euphoric, people with depression often become addicted to it.
  • PTSD and opioids – Prescription pain relievers are frequently abused by people with PTSD in order to escape the overwhelming symptoms of PTSD.
  • Antisocial personality disorder and alcohol abuse – Since antisocial behavior can make speaking to other people difficult, some people use alcohol as way to relieve their symptoms.

In all the cases, the abuse of substances may help the person in the short term, but make the symptoms worse over time.  Treatment of addiction and mental health must be done for the person to be able to recover.

Why Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment?

In order to achieve success in Florida dual diagnosis treatment centers, the person needs to have both of their mental disorders treated at the same time. With both traditional addiction treatment and effective treatment for their other mental disorder, the person has the chance to recover fully.

If both of the disorders are not treated simultaneously, the chances of a relapse are very likely. By itself, addiction must be treated to break the repetitive cycle and the drug-seeking behavior. The co-occurring mental disorder is often the cause of the person starting to abuse alcohol or drugs. If it is left untreated, the person will likely find themselves in the same situation and opt for self-medicating the symptoms they have with drugs or alcohol. Of course, this is likely to lead to a full-blown addiction again until both treatment of addiction and mental health occur.

At Florida dual diagnosis treatment centers, people are able to opt for an inpatient or outpatient program. Studies show that both have similar results in treatment; however, the risk of a return to substance abuse is higher in an outpatient setting because the person will have access to drugs or alcohol while they go through some of the most intense cravings.




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