Dangerous Crystal Meth Effects

The Most Dangerous Crystal Meth Effects and Addiction Signs

Among the drugs that can adversely affect a person’s entire life is crystal meth. In 2012, over 440,000 people had reported past-month methamphetamine use with a further 1.2 million reporting use within the last year. Once dependence to crystal meth has developed, it can be a perpetual downward spiral until help is found. The immediate crystal meth effects can be dealt with and a long-term plan can be created to help the individual break free from the cycle of abuse.

In this article, we will explore some of the dangerous crystal meth effects and what meth addiction treatment can do to help.

The Most Worrying Crystal Meth Effects

The longer a person abuses meth for and the amount that the person abuses regularly can increase their risk of developing the dangerous crystal meth effects. Apart from affecting nearly every part of your life including your finances, personal relationships and family life, crystal meth can have the following physical and mental effects:

  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Brain damage that has similarities to the degenerative disease Alzheimer
  • Cardiac issues
  • Dental decay, also known as “meth mouth”
  • Kidney damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe depression
  • Significant damage to the blood vessels around the brain and heart
  • Abscesses and other infectious diseases
  • Liver damage
  • Nasal tissue damage
  • Psychosis
  • Lung damage and other respiratory issues

The method of delivery, such as snorting meth or injecting it, can change the types of risks involved with abuse. But regardless of how it’s taken, there can be long-term damage if the abuse is left to escalate.

Signs That Indicate Crystal Meth Abuse

How do you know when meth addiction treatment is needed? Meth addicts generally display the same set of signs and symptoms. The drug itself lasts for up to eight hours and takes a full day before the person is no longer affected directly by it.

Physical signs include the following:

  • Tooth decay
  • Coughing and other breathing problems
  • Skin lesions and scabs
  • The onset of withdrawal symptoms, also referred to as “tweaking” in meth abuse
  • Bloodshot eyes

Behavioral signs of meth abuse include the following:

  • Hyperactivity and high amounts of energy, especially when it comes on suddenly
  • Very talkative when they normally aren’t
  • A sudden higher confidence level
  • Violent behavior

Mental symptoms of meth abuse include the following:

  • Unusually assertive
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Anxiety
  • States of confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Insomnia
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Lowered motor skill function

Crystal Meth Addiction Recovery

If you are abusing meth or know of someone who shows signs of meth abuse, then crystal meth addiction recovery can help you to beat the disease of addiction. Initial recovery can be summed up into three parts: intake, detox and counseling.

The intake process allows the addiction specialist to assess the condition of the patient, the extent of their drug abuse, the type of drugs or substance that were abused and determine if any other mental disorders are also affecting the person.

Following an assessment, people who have become dependent on a drug must go through a detox. Detoxification is usually a rough experience, but the process is made easier through the medications the addiction specialist can give.

After a safe recovery from the withdrawal symptoms, counseling and therapy can then commence. Contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy are just some of the methods that are used during treatment. Problematic behavior and thinking can be dealt with and new skills can be taught that will allow for a healthier life once the person is ready to leave rehab.




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