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In 2014, SAMHSA reported as many as 20.2 million current addictions among adults in America. Addiction is a disease that gets progressively worse over time. Drug and alcohol addiction is a mental disorder that requires no less care than any mental disorder would. For those who want the best help possible, Tampa private addiction treatment is the ideal option for high-quality care that takes every measure to help an addict recover from their addiction.

In this article, we will look at the difference that private drug and alcohol rehab programs have over public rehab programs.

Public Rehab Programs

The main purpose of state-funded rehab treatment programs is to make treatment available to those who could otherwise not afford it. Most only accept people who live in the same state due to various medical insurance requirements.

The programs can be classified as low-cost as state budgets are often spread thin, especially in the midst of an opioid crisis. The high demand for treatment often causes programs to have wait times, which is detrimental to addiction treatment as one of the elements that make treatment effective is availability. Left too long, an addict can change their mind on getting treatment.

The type of programs offered is also generally limited in public drug and alcohol addiction programs. For example, many of the effective alternative treatment programs that are offered in Tampa private addiction treatment may not be available in a public program. Oftentimes, a low number of active staff means that the facilities can only handle so many patients. And in rural areas, a doctor may not even be on their staff, further limiting the available treatments on offer.

Tampa Private Addiction Treatment

At a drug rehab near me, such as WhiteSands in Tampa, they get their funding from private sources. This allows the facilities to go above and beyond in the range and quality of the care they provide. Unlike state-funded rehabs that don’t necessarily have the incentive to achieve positive results, private drug and alcohol rehab ultimately must get positive results to remain in business. With this increase in funding, a private drug rehab near me can expand their treatment programs to encompass all of the effective programs for substance abuse treatment. After all, addiction is a disease that doesn’t have just one way of treating it; what works well for one addict may not work at all for another.

The patient-to-staff ratio in Tampa private addiction treatment is much lower than in a public center, allowing staff to give personalized care on a greater scale. This is unlike a public center where each staff member is usually stretched thin trying to tend to the needs of each person.

At a private facility such as WhiteSands 24-hour rehab center in Tampa, the location in which a person will recover is the ideal location, surrounded by the beauty of nature in a tranquil, therapeutic environment giving patients the peace and serenity they need to heal. Private rehabs often look like a luxury resort offering programs such as yoga, swimming and other sports to keep patients active and on the road to a healthy life. In WhiteSands, a person can expect to have a flat-screen TV and a full-sized bed in every room.

Involvement of family and friends is also more conducive in a private rehab when compared to a public center, which is usually overcrowded and in an urban area. Some facilities may even allow for family to stay on-site so that they can be a part of the healing process.




If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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