Drug Addiction Help in Tampa

Finding the Right Kind of Drug Addiction Help in Tampa

We live in a time where addiction treatment is easily accessible and affordable, yet many people still suffer from addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2016 saw as many as 2,798 deaths linked to the abuse of opioids in Florida alone. Drug addiction help can be the difference between life and death, but finding it can be difficult at times since it’s hard to know which programs will work.

In this article, we will look at the established principals that can make drug addiction recovery programs top-notch in Tampa, FL.


When a drug addict finally decides that they want to get treatment, such as after an intervention, the treatment should be available immediately. Being able to take advantage of the moment is vital because there is a chance that they will change their mind if they have to wait too long.

Individualized Treatments

The type of substance abused and a person’s unique characteristics can cause certain drug treatment programs to be ineffective. Therefore, drug addiction recovery programs should also be varied, allowing an addiction specialist to tailor-make a plan to be perfect for a particular person. Done in such a way, treatment success is increased.

Treatment of Co-occurring Mental Disorders

According to SAMHSA, out of the 20.2 million adults who had substance use disorder in 2014, just fewer than 8 million also had another mental disorder present. The high number of addicts with a mental disorder shows the clear connection between the two; usually a result of self-medicating. Drug addiction help should account for the possible presence of another mental disorder before starting with treatment. If there is a failure to treat the mental disorder, it will likely result in a relapse.

Treatment Approach

One of the best drug addiction help approaches is one which combines traditional therapies with the medication approved for addiction treatment. A drug addiction rehab that is able to provide both will have better results in their patients, especially when it comes to long-term recovery.

Adjustments to Treatment Plan

Drug addiction help sometimes needs to be adjusted mid-treatment. This may be as a result of a relapse or a poor response to a treatment program. As such, it is important for an addiction specialist to keep monitoring a patient’s progress, including testing for drug use. Done this way, the addiction specialist is able to make adjustments to a treatment plan as is needed for better results.

Post-Detox Treatment

Some rehabs may suggest that they are able to treat an addiction by just providing a detox program. While a medical detox can be a crucial part of recovery, treatment doesn’t end with it. Many of the problems that may have caused the initial abuse of substance are likely still present. The therapy provided in drug addiction rehab must also include behavioral therapy and possibly addiction medication to be truly effective in the long-term.

A Conclusive Treatment Approach

While tackling the specific issues that caused a person to abuse drugs is of great importance, other areas in a person’s life should also be looked at in order to improve their quality of life. This may include looking at their vocation, social and family life, and any other area that may cause them stress. The goal is to help the addict find a healthy new lifestyle to go with their drug-free disposition.

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