Florida Residential Drug Rehab Centers

Florida Residential Drug Rehab Centers – What are the Benefits?

It was estimated that in 2013, 9.4 percent of the population in the United States had used drugs at least once in the last month, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For many, the abuse of drugs causes an addiction, which ultimately causes much devastation throughout the addict’s life and even in the lives of those around them. Thankfully, Florida residential drug rehab centers can provide addicts with the best care possible to help beat and manage an addiction.

In this article, we will look at some of the most important benefits that residential rehabs have over other forms of treatment.


Any semblance of a normal routine is often lost when a person becomes addicted. At the Florida residential drug rehab centers, addicts will participate in a structured program the ensures that a normal routine is established again, starting with the basics such as getting out of bed at a certain time. Florida inpatient rehab centers create this structure and routine to keep a person on track with their recovery, but also to ensure that free time that is usually spent obsessing about substance use is kept to a minimum.

A Drug-Free Zone

Perhaps the most important aspect that sets Florida residential drug rehab centers apart from other outpatient programs is that the center is completely alcohol and drug free. During early recovery, the risk of relapse is very high because the addict is dealing with intense cravings and other severe withdrawal symptoms that cause them to want to relapse. Keeping the addict away from outside influences in a drug-free setting can be crucial in maintaining abstinence.

Removal from Negative Influences

At a Florida residential addiction center, they can help by taking the addict away from bad home environments that are not conducive to treatment, such as homes where other people are still abusing alcohol or drugs. The rehab creates the ideal place to recover in away from any friend or person in the addict’s life that doesn’t want to see them recover from their addiction.

Around-the-Clock Treatment

At a Florida residential addiction center such as WhiteSands, patients are monitored around-the-clock in order to ensure that their negative experiences are lessened, such as medication given during withdrawal to help with depression, anxiety and other physical symptoms. The unparalleled care puts the patient’s needs first – day or night.

Focusing on Your Recovery

At a luxury rehab center such as WhiteSands, the location can seem to be more like a resort than a rehab. This is because in order to focus on your recovery, your body and mind must also feel cleansed, which the serene environment allows for. People staying in Florida inpatient rehab centers doesn’t have to concern themselves with family or social problems while they are in recovery. They can put all of their focus onto their situation in order to improve it.

Make New Friends

Unlike an outpatient program, an addict going through Florida residential drug rehab centers programs can expect to be surrounded by other people who are also trying to quit drug or alcohol abuse. The similar experiences that patients have create a foundation on which to build a friendship. It is common for such a friendship to persist after the completion of the program, providing a supportive relationship in times of need, such as preventing relapse after a loss.




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