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Fort Myers Medical Detox – Dealing With Withdrawal

The 2014 annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated the current number of addicts to be 20.2 million. The staggering amount of people who are affected by the disease of addiction can be explained by the lack of rehab treatment. In fact, only roughly 10 percent of people with a substance use disorder receive intensive treatment. Some of the aversion to treatment might be explained by the intense withdrawal symptoms that many drug addicts feel when trying to stop. Thankfully, WhiteSands’ Fort Myers medical detox can help addicts to better deal with these symptoms so that they can have a real chance at recovery.

In this article, we will explore the causes of withdrawal, the dangers and what the best drug detox centers can do to help.

What are Withdrawal Symptoms?

The term “withdrawal symptoms” refers to the effects that a person feels once they stop abusing alcohol or drugs after becoming physically addicted to it. Symptoms tend to begin within hours of stopping, varying depending on the type of substance.

In most cases, withdrawal symptoms dissipate after roughly a week of detoxification. Most symptoms are severe and some may even be fatal, such as with benzo or alcohol withdrawal.

Causes of Withdrawal

Alcohol and drugs have a massive effect on a person’s biology, apart from the “high” or intoxication that they give. In an effort to counter the effects, brain chemistry and biological function can be altered – a response to the substance abuse. Over time, the adjustment becomes so far-reaching that the person actually becomes reliant on the substance. When the substance abuse finally ceases, the body takes several days to operate normally again. This transitional period is what is known as withdrawal.

Dangers of Cold Turkey

The term “cold turkey” refers to the abrupt ending of substance abuse. If the substance the person abused was not physically addictive, they can expect mild symptoms, but when the substance is physically addictive such as with opioid or alcohol addiction, then the symptoms are expected to be severe. In these cases, detox without Fort Myers medical detox programs opens the person up to two dangers.

The first danger is that the symptoms are so severe that they cause serious medical concerns, such as seizures. This can be exacerbated by poor health, which many addicts find themselves in.

The second danger is overdose after relaspe. Since a person who frequently abuses a substance also has a tolerance level, once use stops, their tolerance drops. If they were to relapse due to the unmanageable symptoms while detoxing alone, then there is a risk of overdose as too much of the substance can easily be taken by mistake with a lowered tolerance level.

Fort Myers Medical Detox

Fort Myers rehab and detox centers, such as WhiteSands, specialize in helping addicts through detox.  At the best drug detox centers, an addiction specialist or physician can give a patient various drugs during their detox. These medications are FDA-approved to treat withdrawal symptoms.

With the use of methadone, naltrexone, benzodiazepines and other drugs approved for withdrawal treatment, symptoms can be reduced and eliminated. Treatment length can also be reduced in some cases and what would otherwise be a crippling experience can be made into a manageable one. In cases where withdrawal can be fatal, Fort Myers rehab and detox centers provide around the clock care to ensure that safe recovery is achieved.

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