How to Stay Sober on Vacation this Summer

How to Stay Sober on Vacation on Your Summer Travels

Having a set schedule that you follow as you go through each week can be of great help for a recovering addict. It helps to set boundaries and everything becomes easier the more settled into a schedule a person becomes. However, there are times that your schedule will have to be put on hold, such as a vacation, but this opens up the possibility of relapse. The first year is also the most difficult time for a recovering addict according to relapse statistics. Therefore, tips on how to stay sober on vacation will be discussed in this article to help you in times when you are taken away from your organized routine.

Make it Your Home

There’s no reason why a stay at a hotel needs to feel like a stranger’s home. A few simple things such as bringing a some candles and your favorite pillow can make a world of difference. How to stay sober on vacation with this tip is to make a comfort zone within your temporary room. Some hotels even allow for you to bring a pet with if you have a formal letter written by your therapist.

Get Rid of Triggers

In a hotel room, you’ll usually find a fully-stocked mini fridge. The alcohol is, of course, the main concern. Instead of running the risk of having alcohol close to you in a moment of weakness, rather ask for the alcohol to be removed for the time being. One of the tips for staying sober from alcohol is to call ahead and find out if they can remove the booze before you even get to the room. Many hotels will be happy to oblige with your request if you explain your situation.

Help is Still a Phone Call Away

Support groups and sober communities have important aspects in common: accountability, fellowship and community. When you leave your home on holiday, one of the ways on how to stay sober on vacation is to stay in touch with the support network you’ve built in recovery. Don’t hesitate to call your sponsor even if you’re miles away to get the support you need to stop a relapse. According to a JAMA study, about half of all recovering addicts relapse at some point in their first year. However, these relapses often occur because people abandon their support networks. One of the tips for staying sober during your next holiday is to stay in touch with your support network.

Find a Meeting

These days, you can find support group meetings for addiction nearly everywhere. If you have been going to regular meetings as a part of your relapse prevention strategy, then don’t let a holiday stop you from going to meetings. Another of the tips for staying sober when on holiday revolves around you checking for meetings before or even while you are on holiday.

Bring Some Books

How to stay sober on vacation can be difficult if all you have is free time on your hands with nothing to distract you. One of the tips for staying sober from alcohol on your next trip is to bring a few books, or a device for reading, with you. It can be a good idea to bring something motivational regarding sobriety. A book such as this can help to keep you grounded and on track with your relapse prevention plan.


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