What to Expect During Rehab for Oxycodone

Rehab for Oxycodone – Exploring the Causes of Addiction and Treatment Options

Opioid medications such as Oxycodone are being abused at epic proportions resulting in a substantial loss of life on a daily basis. Based on the CDC’s findings, as many as 115 opioid abusers die each day from overdose. However, stopping is not just a matter of willpower alone because it is a mental disorder causing changes in the structure of the brain. One of the best ways to stop oxycodone abuse is with the help of rehab for oxycodone.

In this article, we will explore the dangers of oxycodone abuse as well as rehab for oxycodone.

How an Addiction to Oxycodone Forms

Oxycodone, as with other opioid pain relievers, affects the central nervous system – specifically the part of the brain that is responsible for pain and pleasure. By blocking the pain receptors, oxycodone becomes an excellent way to manage severe pain. However, it has a secondary effect, which is creating a flood of dopamine – one of the chemicals responsible for feeling pleasure or reward. This is what substance abusers are after.

Over time, the oxycodone addiction effects alter the way a person’s brain works: the brain adapts to counter the flood of dopamine in the reward center of the brain. As a result, the natural production of the feel-good chemical is reduced and a person starts to feel that without the drug, they aren’t able to function.

The adapted-state the brain is in also results in withdrawal symptoms when the person attempts to stop their abuse of oxycodone since the brain became used to oxycodone being present making the individual reliant on the drug to feel normal.

How Long is Rehab for Oxycodone and What Can You Expect?

The purpose of oxycodone addiction treatment is to help those who have become dependent on the drug through a gradual tapering off from the drug, withdrawal management with the help of a medical detox, counseling and behavioral therapy and aftercare programs to help acclimatize the individual to their life again after intensive care.

A medical detox at a rehab for oxycodone is a program that assists a patient with the previously mentioned withdrawal symptoms. This can be achieved by the patient being given medication that reduces the symptoms and cravings by acting as an opioid replacement. Doses are monitored to ensure that the medication serves only a medical purpose. Oxycodone addiction effects are expected to subside after roughly 5 to 7 days of detox.

Opioid replacement therapy as a part of the long-term treatment plan is best used alongside counseling and therapy. Opioid replacement therapy is the use of opioid medication such as methadone given at increasingly lower doses, which serves as a way to taper the patient off opioids. Counseling and behavioral therapy then explores the negative areas of the addict’s thinking and behavior to offer alternative that will help to keep them away from oxycodone abuse. So, how long is rehab for oxycodone? Generally, treatment for opioid addiction will last for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Aftercare services include all of the programs that are made available to people who are finishing with their intensive rehab treatment. A recovering addict can utilize programs including support groups, sober living environments and counseling check-ins. Sober living environments or houses are homes that house several recovering addicts in a safe, drug-free space. Aftercare services usually carry on for months and even years to ensure that relapse is prevented.




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