Winter Park Drug Addiction Help Centers: What Makes Treatment Effective?

Making the decision to seek help for substance use disorder is one of the more life-changing decisions one can make. However, treatment effectiveness seems to vary greatly; what works well for one addict may not have any effect on another person. One of the factors that can make addiction treatment ineffective is treatment program quality and staff incompetence. As such, we will discuss how to find the most effective Winter Park drug addiction help centers.

Defining Effectiveness of Treatment

Just how effective is treatment for addiction when 40 to 60 percent of addicts start using alcohol or drugs again within their first year, even after receiving treatment? Since addiction is relapsing as a disease, the effectiveness of treatment should not be measured in complete success or failure, but rather degrees of improvement. A relapse is not a sign of treatment failure, but rather just that the treatment needs to be altered to better suit the individual.

Tailor-Made Treatment

One of the facets of addiction that makes it difficult to treat is how it can manifest in different ways and have different factors that caused it. Therefore, in order for Winter Park drug addiction help centers to be effective, they must assess the individual needs and addiction causes that each person has to formulate an effective treatment strategy. This should be done during the intake stage.

Frequent Reassessments

As an addict progresses through their treatment, their needs can change. Whether it’s caused by unexpected effectiveness of treatment or a slip in a patient’s progress, such as a relapse, the drug abuse help Winter Park offers should frequently monitor their patients to ensure that they are on the optimal path of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Roughly 40 percent of people who have substance use disorder also have another mental disorder present. This is what is known as co-occurring mental disorders, and due to the high frequency that it occurs in, the Winter Park drug addiction help centers you might decide to use should be equipped to deal with the situation. If the co-occurring mental disorder that accompanies the addiction is not treated, then there is a higher than usual relapse risk due to the self-treatment of their symptoms through substance abuse.

Needs Outside of Addiction Treatment

Since addiction can be caused by a variety of factors that stretch beyond just poor coping skills, Winter Park drug addiction help centers should help an addict with other problems they may have, such as vocational, legal and social problems. This includes psychological and medical problems.

Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Certain medications are highly effective at treating addiction, but only in a whole-patient approach that combines therapy such as motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy with MAT. For example, if the alcohol abuse help Winter Park has only gave a patient methadone to help with their alcohol use disorder, then it’s likely that there will be a relapse since the causes of their addiction still remain.

Medical Detoxification Program

As is the case with MAT, a medical detox is not a complete approach to addiction treatment, but rather just the start of it. As such, the drug abuse help Winter Park has should encourage a person to enter into therapy after their detox to properly deal with the reasons why they became addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Through the WhiteSands drug and alcohol abuse help Winter Park has, you can find the type of quality addiction treatment needed to effectively treat substance use disorder.

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