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Opiate Rehab Center in Ocala: How Is Opiate Addiction treated?

Opiates claim the lives of roughly 115 Americans on a daily basis, according to an annual report by the CDC. The alarming rate of overdose deaths attributed to the abuse of opiates such as heroin and fentanyl accentuates the need for quality treatment to help those afflicted by the disease of addiction.  But how is opiate addiction treated in an opiate rehab center? The following looks at how opiate addiction and dependence is treated in Ocala, FL, based on the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s guidelines (NIDA).

What is An Opiate Dependence?

Opiates are controlled substances because while they may have medical purposes, there is also a high risk of abuse and a subsequent dependence. One can only obtain opiates legally through controlled prescriptions that usually don’t last long enough to lead to dependence; however, it is now understood that the formation of dependence varies from person to person, with certain people being more susceptible to it.

So, whether through accidental or recreational means, dependence can form. Once a person is dependent, their body physically craves and needs opiates to come close to normal function – regardless of whether the person wants to abuse it or not.

Opiate Detox

The World Health Organization has stated that methadone and buprenorphine are “essential medicines” for the treatment of opiate use disorder. With the advances in medication for opiate dependence, negative consequences such as abusing the medications have been minimalized by adding anti-abuse properties to the brands they are sold under.

The safest way to get through an opiate detox is to get help from an opiate rehab center because the symptoms of withdrawal can be so intense that it can spark a relapse before ever properly getting off the drug. An opiate detox usually carries on for roughly 5 to 7 days, after which the person is prepared to enter into further treatment to help them to manage their addiction since there is no cure for the disease.

The Whole-Patient Approach to Addiction Recovery

At the opiate treatment Ocala has, such as at the WhiteSands luxury facility, they provide a “whole-patient” approach to addiction treatment. According to NIDA, a whole-patient approach is the most effective way to treat an addiction, which incorporates behavioral therapy with a medication-assisted approach (MAT). Simply put, with therapy and medications, the highest chance for a successful result in treatment can be reached.

To achieve this, the opiate rehab center should assess a patient to establish the best therapy and counseling services that they could benefit from, and what possible medications should be combined with the therapy.

Treatment at the Ocala WhiteSands facility is offered in an outpatient setting. It provides the same types of treatments as one can find in their sister inpatient facilities, but with fewer obligations. Patients in the treatment program can continue to enjoy their freedom to be able to go to work or carry on with their schooling, all while receiving professional aid for their substance abuse problem.

Aftercare and Continuum of Care

As an outpatient center, WhiteSands is able to assist recovering addicts through the transitional phase of treatment to a functioning member of society. Addicts just coming out of an inpatient center can carry on with their recovery treatment by attending an outpatient program. Not only does this help with the transitional period, but it helps the recovering person to build a support network that they can use as they carry on with their recovery in the months and years to come.




If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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