Need For Opioid Addiction Treatment Surging In New Orleans, Across Country

Is There A Shortage Of Opioid Addiction Treatment?

The greatest public health emergency facing the United States is the opioid epidemic, and it has stretched its urban tentacles into rural America as well. No large city or small town is safe from the tragic consequences of opioid addiction and overdose. New Orleans LA is facing an increasing need for treatment facilities as the numbers of addicts continues to grow. Directors of facilities in New Orleans state that the age of addicts seeking help has “been getting younger and younger over the last four years.” This same need for additional opioid addiction treatment services is being felt in every state in the country.

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Opioid Addiction Treatment

Abuse of prescription pain pills includes taking larger doses than prescribed, taking it more often than designated, or taking pain pills prescribed to someone else. Adults who had abused prescription pain pills were asked to select why they abused the pills from the following list provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

  • To relieve physical pain
  • To relax or relieve tension
  • To experiment or see what the drug is like
  • To feel good or get high
  • To help with sleep
  • To help with feelings or emotions
  • To increase or decrease the effects of other drugs
  • Because the person is “hooked”
  • The person has to have the drug
  • Some other reason

The number one reason for abusing pain pills was to relieve physical pain followed by get high, relax, to sleep better, curiosity, and had to have it (addicted). Other reasons were small percentages of the number of people interviewed. Readily available opioid addiction treatment is the only way the crisis in this country can be stopped.

WhiteSands Treatment Centers in Tampa and Fort Myers FL help thousands of people with opioid dependence and addiction. To speak to an addiction specialist, call WhiteSands at (877) 855-3470 and relate the experience you or someone you love is having with opioid addiction.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction treatment begins with a physical and mental assessment to determine the specific issues and needs of the patient. Once a personal treatment plan has been designed, the first step is a medical detox. This is necessary to get the drug completely out of the body. There are a number of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that can be lessened by prescribed medication. A doctor oversees the detox process, and a psychiatrist is present if there are mental issues that need to be addressed.

Rehab and therapy are part of the WhiteSands opiate addiction treatment program, and include both traditional and alternative options. The goal of opiate addiction treatment is long-term recovery. Each patient is unique, and in therapy he or she discovers the cause of the addiction and how to avoid triggers that can lead to relapse.

Opioid Addiction Crisis

The opioid addiction crisis comes with devastating consequences. People who never would have thought of using illegal drugs get hooked on prescribed pain pills and graduate to heroin when they can no longer obtain their drugs legally. Pregnant women abusing opioids give birth to addicted babies that must suffer through withdrawal syndrome. Without help, the country will continue to lose thousands of young lives to opioid abuse and overdose.

WhiteSands Treatment Centers helps addicts to get their lives back. Each facility presents a calming and peaceful atmosphere for the patient. Staff members are understanding, respectful, and engaged with each patient. Everyone’s goal is the successful recovery of each person. You never have to feel alone going through rehab at any WhiteSands facility.

If your life, or that of someone you love, is being destroyed by opioid abuse, Call WhiteSands at (877) 855-3470, and get the necessary help. Every day you wait could be the day an overdose occurs.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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