What Helps with Opiate Cravings

This Is What Helps With Opiate Cravings

You made the decision to get the opiates out of your body, and you are concerned you will have cravings even after you go through detox. It’s very possible cravings will be triggered by certain places, music, and even people that take your mind back to when you were using opiates. If you’re worried about detox and wondering what helps with opiate cravings, continue reading.

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What Helps With Opiate Cravings?

Once you are out of rehab and back in your normal daily routine, you will find the triggers you learned about in therapy keep popping up. An old friend will call you, you’ll drive past an old haunt, or you may be invited to a party. These triggers can cause you to crave the opiates you worked so hard to beat, and you are afraid of relapse. What helps with opiate cravings? There are a number of things you can do when a craving strikes.

  • Talk it out. Call a counselor, sponsor, family member, or friend in your support group. Tell them what you are feeling, and ask if he or she will meet with you and help you through this challenge.
  • Go for a walk, run, or ride a bike. Any type of exercise is a great way to get through a craving. If the weather is bad outside, turn on some music and dance until the craving has passed.
  • Keep a journal. When cravings come, write down anything that contributed, how they made you feel, and what you did to counter them.
  • Change your location immediately. If you are with friends who are unaware of your problem, leave and go visit someone who knows you are in recovery and is part of your support group.
  • Fix something to eat because being hungry can cause cravings.
  • Distract your train of thought with a movie, book, or game.

How To Curb Opiate Cravings

Do you need to know how to curb opiate cravings? Whatever you choose to do must distract your mind from thinking about opiates. A rehab counselor told his patients to always keep the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. If the craving is bad, go into the kitchen and start making the cookies. The distraction will lessen the craving, and in less than an hour you will have two dozen yummy cookies to eat. This type of distraction works. It doesn’t have to be cookies, but it needs to be something that requires you to think about what you are doing. Learn a language, write a story, take up art, or learn to sew. Any activity that requires mental concentration will drive cravings away.

If stress is a contributing factor to your cravings, try meditation, prayer, music, writing, painting, carving, or sculpting. Many people find expressing their feelings in these ways helps to forget about cravings. Attending regular group meetings provides an opportunity to share your concerns about cravings with others who have had or are having the same experience.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

WhiteSands Treatment Centers in Tampa and Fort Myers FL are premier addiction rehab facilities offering either a campus or resort style atmosphere that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Both traditional and alternative therapies are opiate addiction treatment programs that make it possible to treat the whole person. A chiropractor addresses pain and mobility issues. For stress relief and relaxation some patients use yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. Biofeedback treats anxiety and stress. Art therapy helps the patient learn about who he is she is through creativity. Each patient’s receives an assessment in order to design a unique opiate addiction treatment plan to meet his or her needs.

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