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St Petersburg Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation – Exploring Outpatient Rehab

Various studies have collected data showing that as many as 10 percent of the population in the United States has struggled with problematic drug use at some point in their lives. It is clear that many people are affected by the disease of addiction. When people seek professional help, outpatient rehab remains one of the most popular programs there is – and they are just as effective as inpatient programs for most people according to several reports. In this article, we will explore outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation in St Petersburg, FL. 

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What Exactly is Outpatient Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are a process of treatment for substance use disorder. It generally uses evidence-based therapy and counseling together with medications, where needed, to assist an addict with overcoming addiction for good. Some programs may only provide a medical detox or addiction education, but to be effective, one needs an outpatient alcohol rehab near me that will address the withdrawal symptoms, problematic thinking and behavior, co-occurring mental disorders, problems within the family, and help to provide the space where a support network can be found.

Only through this fuller approach to treatment can addiction be beaten in a center for alcohol and drug treatment in an outpatient setting. Of course, being in an outpatient program means that the person only needs to visit the rehab when they have scheduled treatment, allowing them to continue to carry on with important things in their life with little interruption.

What Types of Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation are There?

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation comes in various forms to be able to assist any person regardless of their needs. Whether a person needs help with a severe addiction, help to maintain their abstinence, or are just looking for help to stop substance abuse from becoming a major problem, an outpatient center for alcohol and drug treatment such as WhiteSands in St Petersburg, FL can help.

The standard types of programs that one can expect include the following:

  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) – This is the most intensive form of treatment for addiction in an outpatient setting. It is comparable to inpatient programs in their effectiveness since they have access to all of the most effective programs for substance addiction treatment. They require that the individual attend therapy and other programs several times a week, and the frequency of treatment usually decreases over time.
  • Day rehab – This is considered to be less intensive than IOPs, but can be as effective in cases where addiction isn’t that severe. It uses the same type of treatment programs as IOPs and inpatient rehab programs.
  • Continuum of care – Some people in recovery need help to adjust to their new way of life after attending inpatient care or after a program such as an IOP. Through an outpatient alcohol rehab near me, one can gain the benefit of having an addiction specialist in your corner with regular meetings to assist a person going through the transitional phase of intensive programs to a normal way of life.

Main Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

The reason why outpatient rehab is such a popular form of treatment is due to the benefits it has over inpatient rehab. They include:

  • Flexibility – For some people, it’s important to have autonomy during recovery because they are unable to take time off school or work, and may have other responsibilities to take care of. Outpatient rehab allows for that.
  • Social and family support – Being able to go home each day after rehab means that you can get all the support you need from your family and friends.
  • Cost – While insurance may cover a large portion of your costs, outpatient rehab remains the most affordable way to get help for addiction.


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