What to Know About Long Term Drug Treatment Facilities

Long Term Drug Treatment Facilities: What is It?

There is no simple, quick fix for drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests, as a part of their Principals of Effective Treatment, that a person spend at least three months in recovery to be able to reap the full benefits of treatment. The more time that is spent getting professional help, the easier it becomes to prevent relapse in the long term. As such, we will discuss what you need to know about long term drug treatment facilities in this article. 

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What is Long Term Addiction Treatment?

Long term addiction treatment is a program that, as the name suggests, is the lengthiest form of treatment, and can last anywhere between 60 days to one year. During this time, the person being treated will live at long term drug treatment facilities, staying in a room with other residents or in a private room.

The lengthy stay allows for more than just the treatment that is available in intensive outpatient programs; one of the purposes of long term drug treatment facilities is to not only help a person develop the skills they need to overcome addiction and work through their issues, but it also focuses on re-socialization skills which can be crucial for some people’s long-term abstinence.

Dimensions of Recovery

Recovery is a multi-layered process. There are many elements that go into a successful long term rehab in Florida, such as WhiteSands. Some of the dimensions of recovery according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration include the following:

  • Community – This refers to the support that individuals need throughout their short- and long-term recovery, such as from their friends, family, and recovery support networks.
  • Purpose – In order to properly recover, an individual should be helped with other important areas of their life such as their vocation, independence, income, and the abilities needed to be a functioning member of society.
  • Home – This refers to the safe space needed to live a happy life and what is needed to create a happy home.
  • Health – Health includes all of the aspects of addiction management, good mental and physical health, and ultimately, the person’s wellbeing.

These are the facets of treatment and recovery that is worked on in long term drug treatment facilities; instead of just treating the disease of addiction, all important areas of the person’s life are looked at as part of a whole-patient approach.

Programs Available in Long Term Rehab in Florida

Each addict requires an individualized treatment program to be effective; there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction treatment. Addicts in a rehab such as WhiteSands are thoroughly assessed upon intake to establish the best treatment approach, and continually assessed to ensure that treatment matches their current needs.

In general, one can expect the following activities as a part of their long-term residential treatment:

  • Improving relationships – Family therapy is valuable in recovery. Not only does it get the family involved with the addict’s recovery, helping the addict, but it can also help to address problems that family members or the family unit has.
  • Education – Learning from experts about how addiction works and the ways to beat it.
  • Therapy – Both individual and group therapy is useful for long-term recovery. In these programs, one will learn what caused the addiction and ways to cope with anger and anxiety among other negative emotions. Deeply entrenched problems can also be resolved, even if it is as a result of a co-occurring mental disorder.
  • Improving physical health – Through the use of yoga, exercise, healthy eating, and other therapeutic recreational activities, a healthy lifestyle can be promoted.




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