Principles of Top Rated Alcohol Rehab Centers

Top rated alcohol rehab centers follow NIDA’s Principles of Effective Treatment.

Alcohol addiction can complicate your life and wreck your health, and it only gets worse with time. Ending an alcohol addiction for the long-term is hard work, but top rated alcohol rehab centers have what it takes to help you quit for good. 

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The best alcohol treatment programs operate under the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Principles of Effective Treatment, which are 13 research-based truths that should guide any high quality addiction treatment program. Here are some of the principles and how they apply to the top rated alcohol rehab centers.

Principle: Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior.

Addiction is the result of changes in the physical structures and chemical functions of the brain brought on by heavy alcohol abuse. While not everyone who abuses alcohol will become addicted to it, those who do become addicted will begin to think and behave in unhealthy ways. Top rated alcohol rehab centers address these changes through cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapies that help you identify and change dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving, which is essential for successful recovery.

Principle: No single treatment is appropriate for everyone.

If you’re choosing among several local alcohol rehab centers, the best one will likely be the one that takes a holistic approach to treatment involving a variety of traditional and complementary therapies to address a wide range of issues. Not every therapy will be used for every treatment client, but having a number of therapies available to meet specific and unique needs typically offers the best alcohol treatment outcomes.

Principle: Effective treatment attends to the multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug abuse.

Addiction almost always has underlying issues that led to the substance abuse in the first place. Common underlying issues include a history of trauma, chronic stress, and mental illnesses like anxiety or depression. Additionally, addiction itself causes myriad problems in your life, including relationship, financial, legal, and health troubles. All of these issues must be effectively addressed in treatment in order to help end an addiction. Top rated alcohol rehab centers will address an individual’s multiple needs through a variety of individual and group therapies, classes, and interventions.

Principle: Medications are an important element of treatment for any patients.

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is the gold standard for treating opioid addiction, and it’s available for alcohol addiction as well. A variety of medications can help reduce cravings, reduce the effects of alcohol, or interact with alcohol to help dissuade people in recovery from drinking. Medication-assisted treatment doesn’t rely on medication alone, however: Therapy is an integral part of MAT and is administered through local alcohol rehab centers.

Principle: An individual’s treatment and services plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to ensure that it meets his or her changing needs.

Top rated alcohol rehab centers admit clients to programs along what’s known as the continuum of care. Depending on the severity of your addiction and the extent of your problems, you’ll be placed in an outpatient, intensive outpatient, or residential treatment program. As you move through the program, your treatment plan will be continually assessed to ensure it’s still meeting your needs and addressing new and emerging needs. Individualized treatment is essential, but an individual’s treatment plan will change as needs change.

Principle: Many drug-addicted individuals also have other mental disorders.

When a mental illness like anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder co-occur with an addiction, it’s known as a dual diagnosis and requires specialized treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both the addiction and the mental illness at the same time, each in the context of the other. Treating only a mental illness or only an addiction will do little to end either disorder. A high quality treatment program will likely treat co-occurring disorders or, if it doesn’t, refer you to a program that does.

Choosing the best quality treatment program offers the best outcomes of treatment. Do some research, and choose a high quality, holistic rehab that will address your unique needs and issues to help you end your addiction and restore your life once and for all.


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