Florida Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Florida Dual Diagnosis Rehab: A Whole-Patient Approach to Prevent Relapse

Addiction is a complex yet treatable disease. One of the aspects that can make it more complex is dual diagnosis, or co-occurring mental disorders. In addiction cases, it is a widespread problem; in a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, of the 20.2 million adults in the United States that had an addiction, 7.9 million had co-occurring mental disorders. The high frequency at which addiction occurs with another mental disease is the reason why Florida dual diagnosis rehab is such an important element of effective treatment. 

Learn more about dual diagnosis, and the ways in which rehab can treat it successfully.

In the following article, we will examine the significance of co-occurring mental disorders and why dual diagnosis treatment options are so vital to recovery.

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment is Important

Addiction has many causes. One of the most universal causes is an untreated mental disorder – as seen through the high number of people with substance use disorder along with another mental disorder. Of course, this complicates treatment because if the only treatment an addict with a co-occurring mental disorder receives is for their addiction, then they may fall victim to the same causes of addiction.

So, why does this happen? In many cases in a Florida dual diagnosis rehab, the reason why a person started abusing drugs or alcohol was to escape the symptoms of their mental disorder. For example, a person with a social anxiety may turn to alcohol to self-medicate, allowing them to break free from their crippling symptoms for a short time. Over time, such emotional reliance on a substance to deal with the symptoms of their disease inevitably leads to an addiction, especially when the substance that they abuse is physically addictive. Therefore, without the aid of dual diagnosis treatment centers, the untreated symptoms of their mental disorder will likely make their efforts to avoid relapse difficult, if not impossible.

Florida Dual diagnosis Rehab Treatment

A Florida dual diagnosis rehab such as WhiteSands provides a solution to the co-occurring mental disorder problem; simultaneous treatment for both the mental disorder and addiction. Approached in such a way, both the causes of a person’s addiction and the addictive behavior and thinking can be addressed, allowing the person to have a real chance at a full recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers achieve this by involving addiction specialists and therapists with psychologists and psychiatrists, depending on individual needs.

The Process of Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Oftentimes, the addict is unaware that they have a mental disorder along with their addiction. In an ideal situation, a person will seek help for a mental problem from a healthcare professional before turning to drug abuse, but when they seek to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, the mental problems are suppressed.

Upon entering rehab, patients begin with an assessment by a healthcare professional. A thorough examination takes places for both their mental and physical health before embarking on a medical detox program, if necessary. The assessment can reveal potential mental health issues that stretch beyond their addiction, and from there an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated.

Following a potential medical detox – which usually last for roughly five days – the patient is then ready to begin their addiction and mental disorder treatment. This is an important period, which can take several weeks to complete.

Upon leaving rehab, the person must then ensure that they follow a relapse prevention plan, including managing the symptoms of their mental disorder. This can be achieved through follow-up therapy or one of the many support groups for addiction recovery.

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